Choti Sardarni 14th April 2021 Written Update: Sarab learns about Sandhya’s promise

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 14th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sandhya promises to Karan and Param that Meher will come for Seher’s birthday party. Seher overhears that and she informs about Sandhya’s gift to Sarab. Seher says to him that she is so happy because she can celebrate her birthday with her parents. He wonders why Sandhya lied to the Kids and tells her to take rest. Sarab questions Sandhya for promising the kids that Meher will come for Seher’s birthday party. She says to him she said about it to Param and Karan only. He says to her that Seher overheard that and asks her that why did fake promise to his Kids and says to her that here he is trying to give happiness to Seher on her birthday but she destroyed everything with her lie.

Doctor informs Sarab that Seher recovered 75% and one more report will come tomorrow. Sarab thanks the Doctor. Doctor asks him to thank Sandhya. Sarab gives Nurse fees to Sandhya and thanks her for taking care of Seher till now. She says to him that tomorrow Seher’s final report will come and after that she will leave the house. She asks him to not tell the Kids that she is leaving the house and thanks him for helping her in Seher’s date of birth. He says to her that he did that for his Kids. She says to him that her promise is not fake and tomorrow Meher will come to Seher’s birthday party definitely. He asks her that how is that possible. She tells him something and leaves from there. Sarab hallucinates Meher again and understood that she is angry on him. He informs her about Seher’s birthday and asks her to help him but she disappears.

Next day, Sarab learns that Sandhya went to temple to donate for Seher’s birthday. Sandhya gives prasad to the Kids and Sarab asks for prasad so she gives it to him too. Sarab says to Sandhya that he needs her help. Karan says to Sarab that Sandhya calls him as “dragon papa”. Sarab smiles hearing him. Meher sings a song for Seher and kisses her who is sleeping. Seher feels Meher’s presence and smiles in her sleep and wakes up. She comes out of the room and gets happy seeing the decorations and says to her family that there are so many surprises. She thanks Sarab and hugs him.

Seher says to Sarab that she never celebrated her birthday like this. Sarab says to her that she is princess that’s why they are celebrating like this. Seher gets Meher’s greeting card and Meher asks her to solve the riddles. Kids are busy solving the riddles. Sandhya says to Sarab that she is going out for sometime. In market, someone collides with Sandhya then she feels like someone following her. And it turns out to be Rajan but Sandhya doesn’t see him. Rajan calls Kulwant and informs her that Rajan returned and warns her to not let Sandhya come out of the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Police arrests Sarab for killing Meher.

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