Choti Sardarni 14th January 2021 Written Update: Meher fights with Gulwant for Amrita

Choti Sardarni 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Param wakes up and gets worried realising that he missed his exam. Yuvi asks Gulwant to give tablet to him if he got more marks than Param then. She promises to buy tablet for him. He says Param slept during the exam and he will get zero in the exam so it’s obvious that he will get more marks than Param. Gulwant calls Meher to talk about Param. She calls Sarab when Meher didn’t attend the call. Sarab attends the call and thinks Meher talking to him in Gulwant’s voice and flirts with her.

Gulwant gets confused hearing him and says seems like his health condition is not good so he should consult the Doctor. He asks her send Doctor to examine his heart and asks her to come as Nurse so he can romance with her and kisses her. He shocks seeing Meher in front of him and realises that what he did and apologize to Gulwant. He sleeps again feeling embarrassed. Param was crying saying Meher will scold him. Harleen asks why he is crying now.

He says he slept during the exam and will fail. She says he is good boy so he will pass the exam and says she already talked to his teacher so he need not to worry. She tells him to lie to Meher when she asks about exam. He says he can’t lie. She says she is not telling him to lie but he just has to stay silent and she assures him that he will pass the exam so he need not to fear about anything.

Meher calls him and asks about his exam. Harleen says like always he nailed this exam too. Meher says today he will get extra time to play on tablet because he did hard work for exam and gives tablet to him. He says he doesn’t what tablet. She asks what happened and asks him to say the truth and assures him that she won’t scold him and asks what is he hiding from her. He was about to tell that he slept but Harleen interrupts saying he wrote wrong answer for one question that’s why he is tensed.

Meher says her son is perfectionist and says today he can play. Gulwant thinks how to stop Amrita from going to office then asks Amrita to not leave the house. Jagga says he informed Police about Amrita’s kidnap and says he will be with his wife so she need not to worry about her safety.

Amrita says she wants to earn for her family. Gulwant says Amrita can’t go to work and threatens them to not inform about this matter to Meher. Jagga tells Amrita that Gulwant is worried about her safety. Amrita calls Meher and tells her everything. Meher says Amrita can’t do anything so she will handle the issue. She meets Gulwant and asks what’s Gulwant’s problem if Amrita goes to job then.

Gulwant asks who will take care of Yuvi if Amrita goes to job and also Yuvi need his mother most now so she cant give permission to Amrita work outside. Meher says then Amrita can start her coaching centre in house. Gulwant says it’s her house so her decision is final one. Meher gives court notice to Gulwant and asks her to give her share to her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher got to know that Param slept during his exam.

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