Choti Sardarni 14th June 2021 Written Update: Meher learns about Ranna’s demand

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Choti Sardarni 14th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Param says to his siblings that they don’t have Seher’s childhood picture with Sarab. Seher tells him that she was in jail so how can she click picture. Amrit overhears their conversation and questions them. Karan tells her that Meher was in jail for so long that’s why he also could not meet his mother. Amrit shocks hearing him. He reveals that now Kulwant is in jail. She asks them to not joke like this and scolds them for lying. Kids tells her that they never lies. She asks them that why Meher was in jail.

Seher tells her that now she needs to concentrate on her project so they can talk later. Maid gives snacks to Kids. Amrit asks her to bring the sweets she brought for them. She gives everything to Karan and tells him that he is her blood and praises him. He tells her that Dolly and Harleen don’t love him that’s why they always scolds him and hugs her. She asks him that why they behaves like that with him and asks him that who all went to jail. He takes Meher and Kulwant’s names.

Other side, Meher asks Harleen to tell about Amrit’s favorite dishes so she can prepare those dishes too. Param and Seher shows Seher’s project to Daarji. Daarji praises them. Sarab comes there and recalls about Bittu and Ranna’s demand. Amrit comes there. Harleen tells Daarji that Meher made his and Amrit’s favorite dishes today. Amrit praises Meher for giving good upbringing to Kids. She tells Daarji that tomorrow his friends coming so they should celebrate the day grandly and asks Meher to invite her mother family too. Harleen asks Sarab to get freshen up.

Dolly tells Harleen that tomorrow drama will happen. Harleen gets worried for Sarab and asks her to change the topic if anyone talks about Kulwant tomorrow then. Meher asks Sarab that did he talked to Bittu and Ranna. He reveals about their demand. Kulwant tells her sons that she knew it that Sarab would not have agreed for her bail and she only has to do something. She tells them to do something. Meher tells Sarab that they should reveal Kulwant’s truth to Daarji. He tells her that they will tell the truth to Daarji tomorrow.

Next day, Daarji praises Meher’s food taste to Amrit. He tells her that Sarab and Meher are not like his son and daughter in law. Amrit thinks that today he will see the real face of Meher and shows him their family necklace saying that she want to give it to Meher. Meher tells Sarab that she is tensed thinking about Daarji’s reaction but she should tell the truth. Seher informs them about Bittu and Ranna’s arrival.

Bittu and Ranna greets Daarji. Amrit asks them about Kulwant. They tells her that Kulwant went to temple. Amrit asks them to call Kulwant. Sarab changes the topic. Daarji asks Meher to bring his medicines and ice pack.

Episode ends.

Precap – Amrit reveals about Seher’s theft. Furious Meher calls Seher.

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