Choti Sardarni 14th September 2021 Written Update: Rajveer talks about divorce to Seher

Choti Sardarni 14th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajveer and Seher falls on the bed and they shares an eye lock. Dimpy and Maasiji’s husband comes there and they teases Rajveer and Seher and leaves from there. Seher blames Rajveer saying that he is responsible for their misunderstanding. Didiji asks them to get ready for ‘pagphera’ ritual. Maasiji’s husband tells his wife that he witnessed Rajveer and Seher’s romance. But she refuses to believe him and she decides to teach lesson to Seher once she returns from Gill mansion.

On the other hand, Gill family waits for Seher. Rajveer and Seher reaches Gill mansion. He thinks that Seher may want to spend alone time with her family. He lies to her that he has an important meeting to attend so he will come to pick her later. She tries to say something but he leaves from there. He reaches the temple and recalls Seher’s words and asks God that how much the latter going to test him. He tells him he can’t confess his love to Seher and also can’t leave her alone. He says to him that he is not understanding that what he should do now. One elder man advices his grandson to free the bird saying that, that is also love. Rajveer hears him and decides to do something.

Meanwhile Badi B hugs Seher and asks her that what happened. Seher tells her that everything is fine. Badi B tells her that the latter is not happy but just trying to act like she is happy. She says to her that she is sure that Rajveer too knows all this. She tells her that Rajveer is the latter’s protector too not just her best friend. Param and Karan asks Seher about Rajveer. Seher is about to say something but stops seeing Rajveer there. Karan and Param welcomes Rajveer. Rajveer takes Badi B’s blessings. Karan tells him that he and Param cooked today. They goes to the kitchen and Badi B follows them.

Seher asks Rajveer about his meeting. He reveals that he lied to her about the meeting. He tells her that he knows that they can’t love each other. He informs her that once Karan and Param’s case is resolved and Didiji’s political career becomes stable, they can file for divorce which shocks her. He tells her that he understood that only divorce can bring happiness in her life. He says to her that he knows that how she tried to hide her pain. She recalls that what Badi B said about Rajveer and she hugs him. She tells him that he has solution for all the problems. He reminds her that they should act in front of others until they file for divorce. She nods at him.

Later, Rajveer and Seher acts like they are the happy couple in front of Maasiji. Seher serves to Maasiji and Rajveer. Rajveer feeds Seher. Didiji sees that and thinks that Seher can’t betray her with acting. She feeds sweet dish to Seher saying that she bought this especially for her. Rajveer asks her to give him too but the latter refuses. She thinks that now this sweet dish will start working.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer informs Didiji about Seher’s fever. She thinks that her plan worked.

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