Choti Sardarni 15th February 2021 Written Update: Sarab asks Police to release Meher

Choti Sardarni 15th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher recalls how she told Sarab to lie to their kids about her death and hides from him before he sees her behind the bars. Karan runs towards Sarab and Sarab picks him. Meher recalls how they decided to live for their kids and their past moments seeing Karan and Sarab together. She hides her face wearing veil before Sarab sees her. Sarab thanks Police inspector for finding Karan.

Police inspector says they even arrested the lady who kidnapped Karan and she lives in this place only and says she doesn’t even know his name and referred him as Rahul and said she was taking him to Delhi to meet his parents and her name is Seerat.Sarab looks at Karan suspiciously. Karan apologize to him and says Seher’s mother was bringing him to Sarab only. Police inspector asks Sarab to file complaint against her for kidnapping Karan.

Sarab tells him to leave her because she was telling the truth and moves towards her and recalls Seher’s words and says she can’t be wrong. He says Karan loves to say fake stories to everyone that’s why it happened and apologize to Meher for troubling her. He says he met Seher and says Seerat really gave good upbringing to her and says if he had daughter then she must be like Seher only. Meher thinks Seher is his daughter only. Police releases Meher and she picks the handkerchief which Sarab dropped by mistake. Sarab apologize to Meher again.

Gulwant got to know that Karan is alive and locks herself in the room and beats herself with belt. Sarab tells Karan to apologize to Meher. Karan says sorry to her and kisses her. Meher hugs him tightly and cries. She tells him to not go anywhere without informing his father. Sarab says Seher prepared juice for him but he was in hurry so could not drink it so he would like to her now if she doesn’t have any problem then.

Karan says he also has something to talk to Seher. He asks why she is suddenly wearing veil and tries to remove it but Sarab stops him saying he should not behave like this. Meher struggles to wear seatbelt so Sarab helps her. Karan says Param was lucky because he got chance to travel with Sarab and Meher. Sarab and Meher gets emotional hearing him. When Sarab’s hand touched Meher’s hand he felt strange.

Kaul gets surprised seeing his mother. She says she earned two thousand rupees because of him. He gets confused hearing her. She says she had bet with his friends if he is not in the house and restaurant then he must be in Seerat’s house only and she was right. He says Seerat is not in the house. She says she knows everything and he loves Seher like his daughter so he should confess his feelings to Seerat as soon as possible.

When Karan said he would like to say one more story Sarab stopped him and says Karan is like Meher. He was keep praising Meher and Meher smiles hearing him. Karan says Seher doesn’t have father like how he doesn’t have mother. Sarab says he will find out Meher no matter what.

Episode ends.

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