Choti Sardarni 15th January 2022 Written Update: Guruji gives the second task to Seher

Choti Sardarni 14th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Guruji tells his staff that Seher has no idea that what challenge she is going to face tomorrow. On the other hand, one of the girl asks Param that how he will react if his wife want to go to abroad for office work. He says that if he can go then his wife can go too. One of the girl’s father asks Karan that how his daughter will be treated in the latter’s family. Karan says that she would have been treated like princess in her family and now he would like to treat her as queen.

One of the girl asks Karan and Param that can she support her family financially after marriage too. They says that she can do. Karan says that Seher is biggest example of that and she supports morally their family still. Seher announces that it’s last round which is secret round. Girls gives their chits.

Seher reads the first chit and asks Param and Karan to prove that they can do household chores. She asks them to cook with four ingredients. She says that they just has 15 minutes to complete this task. Param and Karan starts cooking. Karan finishes first. Param burns the food so Karan mocks him. They starts fighting which shocks everyone. Seher and Rajveer handles the situation. They calls kid Aman to taste. Aman tastes Param’s food and chokes. Seher says that tomorrow they will meet for next task.

Harleen tells Robbie that Param’s marriage will happen with Devika no matter what. Robbie asks her that then what about Khushi. She tells him that Khushi ruined her life. Meanwhile, Madhu asks Khushi to teach manners to her child. Khushi says that her child pushed the latter’s child because he was mocked for not having a father. Madhu says that, that’s true only which angers Khushi. Khushi makes her apologize to her child Diljeet. She warns her to stay away from Diljeet.

Seher asks Rajveer that is he sure that he had no one in his life before meeting her. He shook his head. They talks about their future child. She thinks that she will complete Guruji’s next task. Later, Khushi tells herself that she met him for just one night but that night changed her whole life. She says that she miss him every second and she don’t know that where is he now but she still loves him.

Next day, Seher asks Guruji about next task. He shows no much bags to her which is filled with grains and he asks her to separate purple grains. He says that if she feels that this task is difficult then she can back off. She tells him that she will do it. Seher brings those bags to Gill mansion. Rajveer asks Seher about Guruji’s task. She explains about the task to him. He says that she has to prepare for swayamvar too. She tellls him that she can manage. He says that he will help her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer asks Karan and Param to select a matching suit and jewels for girls.

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