Choti Sardarni 15th June 2021 Written Update: Amrit reveals Kulwant and Meher’s truth

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Choti Sardarni 15th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dolly scolds the maid for not doing the work properly. Harleen stops her saying that maid is new so she will explain the works to her and asks her to not worry. Sarab tells Harleen that let Amrit teach the works to maid because Amrit is elder of their family so he wants everything to happen according to her wish.

Amrit praises him saying that he is really mature like Daarji says and thinks that he is doing all this to save Meher. Daarji asks Ranna and Bittu about their educational qualifications. They answers him and Daarji asks them that when Kulwant will come. They tells him that they need to use the toilet and leaves from there.

Bittu says to Ranna that they need to leave after finishing their work and they searches Meher. They hides in Amrit’s room seeing Amrit. Amrit notices that and asks them that what are they doing in her room. Ranna tells her that they came for toilet and leaves the room. They tries to talk to Meher but she avoids them. Bittu says to Ranna they Kulwant asked them to blackmail Meher but she is not even listening them.

Daarji asks Sarab that why the latter seems tensed. Meher comes there and tells Daarji that she want to tell him something. They goes inside hearing Amrit’s scream. Amrit informs Daarji that someone stole their family necklace. Daarji asks her to search properly. She tells him that Bittu and Ranna would have stole the necklace because she saw them hiding in her room. He asks her that how can she suspect them. Meher starts searching the necklace in Bittu and Ranna’s pockets. Amrit taunts Meher and tells her family that Meher is also behind this stealing.

Daarji yells at her for accusing Meher like this. Sarab asks him to calm down saying that Amrit would have misunderstood the matter. Amrit reveals that Meher taught stealing to Seher also. Meher pleads her to not accuse her daughter unnecessarily. Amrit shows the video of Seher stealing money from her purse. Furious Meher calls Seher. Kids comes there. Meher is about to slap Seher but Sarab stops her. Meher asks Seher that did the latter stole money from Amrit’s purse. Seher reveals that what Amrit did with her and why she took the money from Amrit’s purse.

Meher warns her to not repeat this again and asks her to apologize to Amrit. Seher apologize to Amrit and runs from there. Amrit reveals that Seher born in jail that’s why she is behaving like this. Daarji refuses to believe her. She asks Meher and Sarab to reveal the truth. Everyone stays silent and Daarji notices that and demands the truth from Sarab. Sarab accepts that Amrit telling the truth.

Amrit scolds Sarab for hiding the truth and living with criminal and badmouths about Meher. Sarab pleads her to not say a word against Meher because he is proud of his wife. Amrit taunts Meher and asks Sarab to reveal to Daarji that why Kulwant is in jail. Meher tells Daarji that she is about to tell everything to him. Daarji tells Sarab that the latter knows that he hates lies still he hided the truth from him and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

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