Choti Sardarni 15th March 2021 Written Update: Sarab and Kids decorate the house to welcome Meher

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher decides to hide herself from Sarabjit, New Promo

Choti Sardarni 15th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Harleen tells Sarab that she and Robbie going out. Sarab waits for Meher’s return and talks to himself saying he is really missing her so much. Yuvi cries and tells Ranna that Karan won the competition. Gulwant throws slipper at Ranna assuming he made Yuvi cry. Yuvi clears the misunderstanding and says Karan won the competition and says everyone laugh at him today at school and says he could not tell anything about his father and mother. She says they will get the revenge by backstabbing Meher the way she did with Jagga. Tarkash’s wife comes there and says it’s her husband who killed Jagga not Meher. She says it’s him who called Meher and Jagga to the same place and killed Jagga and put the blame on Meher. She says he wanted to get revenge from Meher for slapping him in front of everyone that’s why he planned all this.

Kids reaches Gill mansion and sees Sarab sleeping. They kisses him one by one to wake him. Seher sits on his lap and kisses him. Param says Karan won the competition. Sarab says he is so proud of Karan and says Meher will be so happy knowing this. Seher asks when Meher will come. Sarab says she will return soon and says they are going to decorate the house to welcome her. Tarkash’s wife says Meher is innocent. Gulwant yells at her saying she won’t believe her and says she knows that Meher would have send her here. Tarkash’s wife plays Tarkash’s confession audio and Gulwant shocks hearing that.

Sarab bakes cake with the help of his kids and decorates the house with balloons and candles. Seher says Meher may come anytime now. Param asks Sarab about cake. Sarab says cake is almost ready and Meher will be happy to see that. Meher’s photo frame breaks and Sarab feels something is wrong and calls Meher saying she would have landed but she didn’t pick the call. He thinks because of bad weather flight would have delayed. Kids says they are missing Meher so much. Sarab says he will play Meher’s video. Karan and Seher gets sad knowing that they won’t be in that video. Gulwant recalls Tarkash’s wife words and Meher’s words. She also recalls the moments she shared with Meher and how she cursed her and accused for Jagga’s death.

Kids enjoys seeing the videos. They hears gate opening sound and hides to surprise Meher. One lady comes there and sees Meher’s picture. She feels dizzy and takes Meher’s name and faints. Sarab and Kids goes to her. Doctor examines that lady and says she is pregnant and tells them to take care of her. Harleen asks Sarab that who is she. He says she took Meher’s name before fainting so she knows about Meher’s whereabouts. That lady wakes up. Sarab asks her about Meher. Harleen asks who is she and why she took Meher’s name. That lady loses her consciousness again.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab asks that lady about Meher. Kids decides to not eat until they meets Meher.

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