Choti Sardarni 15th October 2021 Written Update: Seher brings Nimi to farm house

Choti Sardarni 15th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajveer holds Seher’s hand. Public comes there and tries to save them. After some time, they saves everyone. That woman asks Rajveer and Seher that who are they and why they saved her by risking their own life. Seher asks that woman about her name. That woman reveals that her name is Nimi. Seher takes Nimi aside. One guy from crowd watches everything. Seher tells Nimi that life is precious and asks her that what happened in her life that she wants to die.

Nimi asks her to leave from there. Seher asks her about the problem. Nimi tells her that if she stayed alive then she has to do all the things which she don’t want to do. Seher tells her that no one can force her. Rajveer tells Nimi that he is CM’s brother and promises to her that he won’t let anyone force her. That guy calls someone and informs about Nimi, Rajveer and Seher.

On the other hand, Anu gives farm house address to Param and Karan and tells them that Rajveer and Seher left for this farm house only. They thanks her and leaves for farm house. Seher tells Nimi that Rajveer will talk to her family. Nimi tells her that no one can solve her problem and she has only one solution and that is death. Seher thinks that seems like something bad happened with Nimi that’s why she is not sharing the problem with her.

Rimple tells Didiji that she reached the farm house and everyone wore masks too. Didiji asks her to be careful with Param and Karan. Rimple tells her that Param and Karan won’t be able to reach the farm house. Didiji asks her that why Rajveer and Seher didn’t reach the farm house yet. Rimple sees Seher with Nimi and she informs about it to Didiji. Didiji asks her to leave from farm house.

Nimi asks her parents and brother to not come close to her. Nimi’s mother asks her that what happened. Seher sends Nimi inside the farm house. She stops others from entering the farm house. She tells them that Nimi don’t want to meet anyone so she won’t allow them inside the farm house. She reveals that Nimi attempted suicide which shocks Nimi’s family.

Nimi’s father tells her that he knows that she is daughter in law of CM but no one can stop him from meeting his daughter. He threatens to call the Police. She tells him that she is not afraid so he can call the Police. She asks them that what they did with Nimi. Nimi’s mother tells her that they just scolded Nimi that’s it. Nimi’s brother asks Seher to not interfere in their personal matter. Nimi’s father pleads her to let them meet Nimi once.

Param’s car hits with Police jeep. Karan tells Police inspector that it was the latter’s mistake. Police arrests Param and Karan. He informs someone that he finished Didiji’s work. Nimi video calls Suki and talks about their problem. Seher comes there and asks her to meet her family once. Nimi’s parents asks Nimi that why the latter tried to commit suicide. Nimi’s father tells Nimi that they won’t take wrong decision for her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nimi agrees to go with her family. Seher feels that something is wrong for sure.

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