Choti Sardarni 15th September 2021 Written Update: Rajveer informs Karan and Param about Seher’s fever

Choti Sardarni 15th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher searches her clothes and calls Dimpy. Maasiji comes there and informs her that Dimpy gave the latter’s dress to wash. Seher tells her that they were washed ones only and now she wants her night dress to wear. Maasiji tells her that Dimpy always messes up like this and goes to bring night dress for the latter. After some time, Maasiji gives night dress to Seher and leaves from there. Maasiji’s husband tells novel story to Rajveer. Maasiji interrupts them and sends Rajveer to Seher. Maasiji’s husband notices his wife’s expression and tells her that seems like she did something. She sends him from there. Didiji praises Maasiji’s plan.

Rajveer notices that Seher covered herself with pillows and asks her that what happened. She gets up from the bed and he gets surprised seeing her sexy night dress. She tells him that she don’t like this dress and she never wore this kind of dress. She informs him that what Dimpy did with her clothes and gets pissed off saying that she is uncomfortable in this night dress. He gives his kurta to her and asks her to wear this. He tells her that he won’t let her feel uncomfortable no matter what. She tells him that she knows that and that’s why he is her best friend. She comes out wearing his kurta. He tells her that he will sleep in the hall and he will make any excuse if anyone caught him then. She tells him that they are not kids and they can sleep together. She makes pillow wall and lays on one side. He lays on other side.

On the other hand, Param calls Anu and asks her that can he courier her cheque or she will come to collect it. Meanwhile Karan calls Anu and the latter disconnects the call. Param thanks Anu for introducing him to Didiji. She tells him that she wants coffee too with cheque. She informs him that she will message the location and disconnects the call. She receives Karan’s message and gets pissed off and ignores it.

Seher wakes up hearing Rajveer’s snoring sound. She talks to herself saying that he lied to her that she snores. He crosses the pillow border and occupies full bed. She tries to wake him but could not. She decides to sleep on the sofa. He goes to his side to sleep and so she lays on the bed again.

Next day, Didiji asks Bobby that did he mixed that thing in sweet dish. He nods at her and she smiles. Rajveer wakes up and realises that Seher is suffering from fever. He asks Didiji to call Doctor and informs her about Seher’s fever. Didiji smriks. Doctor examines Seher and tells others that it’s a viral fever. He suggests to quarantine Rajveer and Seher because it’s contagious virus. Didiji agrees with him.

Bobby gives Seher’s new mobile to Rajveer saying that Param send this. Rajveer informs Param and Karan about Seher’s fever and also about Doctor’s advice. He asks them to not worry saying that he will take care of Seher. They asks him to take care of himself because it’s not easy to handle Seher when she suffers from fever.

Maasiji understands that it’s Didiji’s plan. Didiji reveals her plan to her. Maasiji tells her that the latter’s plan won’t work. Didiji bet on her plan. Rajveer prays to God to save him from Seher. Seher talks while sleeping and signals something. Rajveer panicks seeing that because if he doesn’t understand what she is signalling then she will start crying.

Episode ends.

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