Choti Sardarni 16th February 2021 Written Update: Harleen thinks Meher moved on in her life

Choti Sardarni 16th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher’s shawl flies and Sarab runs behind it and catches it. She hides her face with her duppata. Sarab feels strange again and returns that shawl to her and she thanks him. He says he will come after filling gas in the car. She asks will he return. He says he promised Seher so he will come back for sure and leaves from there with Karan.

Meher enters the house and smiles recalling the recent incidents and sees herself in the mirror. Kaul gets surprised seeing Meher and asks how she returned this soon. Seher says she doesn’t know that Delhi is so near and leaves from there when someone called her. He says seems like today Meher is so happy.

Meher says she is really happy now. He takes the ring and was about to express his feelings. She interrupts him saying she never thought that she will find her happiness like this. He asks what happened today. She says she met Sarab today and Rahul is her son Karan and says her happiness coming to her house. He shatters hearing her and drops the ring box. Seher notices that Kaul is crying and asks what happened to him. He wipes his tears and signs her nothing and leaves from there.

Gulwant punishes her sons for their mistake. Bittu and Ranna pleads Gulwant to leave them and they asks Yuvi to untie them. Yuvi was about to untie the rope but Gulwant stops him and says he should not care about their pleadings and says then only he can destroy Meher’s happiness. Yuvi asks what’s their next plan. Gulwant says she has to rectify her son’s mistake and says she is going to Kashmir to kill Karan because seems like she only has to finish Karan’s life.

Meher’s inner feeling asks what is she doing. Meher says seems like her fate wants to reunite her with her family that’s why she met Karan and Sarab. Her inner feeling says she can’t come up with these kind of excuses and says she is going to destroy their happiness by going back to them.

She says if she wanted to reunite with her family then why she didn’t tried to meet them till now and says Sarab handling Karan and Param very well and everyone moved on in their life so she should not spoil their life. Meher says she just wants them to eat her handmade food. Her inner feeling says she lost that rights when she took that decision years back.

Meher tells Seher to decorate the house saying Sarab and Karan coming. She tells Kaul that they has to leave for market to buy ingredients to cook Sarab’s favorite food. Seher gets excited to meet Sarab and Karan. Gulwant’s sons curses Gulwant. Gulwant reaches Kashmir. Sarab was doing shopping with Karan for Meher. Sunny sees Meher and realises that some people searching her and he saw that in ad so he first calls Sarab but could not able to talk to him because of poor network.

He calls Harleen and informs about Meher. She asks him to show Meher in video call and she shocks seeing Meher with Kaul and misunderstood seeing them together. She tells him to click Kaul and Meher’s pictures and she will give extra money for that.Seher welcomes Karan and Sarab and informs them that her mother went to market. Harleen receives Meher and Kaul’s pictures and says Meher moved on in her life so she won’t let Sarab spoil his life anymore.

Episode ends.

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