Choti Sardarni 16th January 2021 Written Update: Principal rusticates Param

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Harleen bribes Param’s school teacher, Meher senses trouble

Choti Sardarni 16th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Principal informs Meher that Harleen tried to give bribe to Param’s teacher and says Harleen even said that Meher is step mother of Param so she is not taking care of him and says school decided to rusticate Param. Amrita asks what happened to Meher. Meher leaves from there without saying anything.

Yuvi informs his parents that Param slept during his exam and his teacher said they are going to rusticate Param. Param was playing a video game with Harleen and Sarab. Harleen says it’s really cold and asks Sarab to pass the AC remote. He says she is trying to divert him. Param says the screen seems to blur for him. Harleen and Sarab ignore him saying he is trying to divert them. Meher switches off the TV and apologizes to them for disturbing them.

Meher says from now on Param can do whatever he wants to do and she won’t interfere in his life. She says she would have liked it if Param told the truth to her that he slept during his exam. She says it would have been better if Harleen told the truth to Param’s teacher instead of bribing his teacher. She informs that school management decided to rusticate Param and it’s mid-term so this year he can’t continue his studies in any other school also. Harleen says it’s just a small issue so how can they rusticate Param and asks Meher to talk to the Principal.

Meher refuses to talk to the Principal and leaves from there. Param apologizes to Meher and follows her. Sarab scolds Harleen for bribing Param’s teacher. She asks how can he blame her and says she will talk to the Principal to dismiss Param’s rusticate order but Sarab stops her saying he will handle it.

Param asks Meher to open the door and cries. Meher says today she can’t console Param. He apologizes to her again. She says she has to do something so he doesn’t repeat his mistake. Param apologizes to Sarab and says he won’t repeat his mistake. He says now what he will do if he can’t go to school then and says Meher also not talking to him. Sarab tells him to go to Harleen saying he will talk to Meher. Meher calls the Principal and asks her to check Param’s track record once and asks them to not punish Param for elders’ mistakes.

The principal says she will think about it but they also has to assure that it won’t happen again. Meher thanks her and Sarab who heard everything praises Meher saying no one can take mother’s place and asks her to forgive Param. Jagga asks who spoiled his report. Amrita says it’s Yuvi’s handwriting. He gets angry and goes to Yuvi but gets emotional knowing Yuvi wants to join his office to help him. Amrita tells Yuvi to concentrate on his studies now.

Jagga says it will be proud moment for him when he and Yuvi will go to office together. Meher says she can’t forgive Param easily. Yuvi tells his friend about Param’s rusticate and also about how Meher wanted her share of property so he can’t come to his house to study. Gulwant scolds him for telling all this to others.Param says he won’t lie from now on and will study well too but just wants last chance from Meher. He says he is not able to see anything clearly. So Meher, Sarab takes him to school. Doctor examines Param and suggests that he has to wear glasses. Param denies to wear glasses.

Episode ends.

Precap – Blast happens in Sarab’s house.

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