Choti Sardarni 16th January 2022 Written Update: Rajveer warns Harleen to not cheat in swayamvar

Choti Sardarni 16th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher tells Rajveer that they won’t lose when they are together. He tells her that they should seek their family members help too. She agrees with him. Everyone gathers in Seher’s room. Ranna says that he and Rajveer will watch movie once Rajveer recovers. Kulwant tells Seher that it’s good that the latter didn’t call Harleen and Robbie. Ginni says that they can call Karan and Param. Kulwant tells her that they are busy in their swayamvar.

After some time, swayamvar’s next round begins. Seher says that girls gets ready to impress boys and this round related to that only. She compliments the girls. Rajveer says that Karan and Param has to select a matching outfit with jewels and footwear. And girls will judge them. Seher asks Rajveer to handle here and she is going inside to complete her task. She wish all the best to her brothers and goes to her room. Karan and Param picks a same jewel box and argues with each other. Then Karan asks Rajveer about Seher. He tells him that he needs Seher’s help. Rajveer tells him that he is here to help him and Seher taught him everything. He says that Karan should select everything according to a girl’s features. He recalls Seher’s face. Karan asks him that how the latter knows this much. Rajveer tells him that he loves Seher so much that’s why.

Kulwant notices that Seher suffering a lot for Rajveer. Ranna says that what if there is no purple grain in these bags. Seher tells him that Guruji would not have lied. He tells her to go to Karan and Param. She asks Kulwant to accompany her. Seher tells Param that he choosed the perfect outfit for Amrin. Amrin takes Kulwant’s blessings. Seher tells Rajveer that he handled everything very well and she is going inside. Harleen notices that and wonders that why Seher and Kulwant going inside. Seher and others didn’t find any purple grain so Seher gets sad.

Param gives outfit to Devika and other girls too. Harleen tells him that he should give grand outfit to Devika because she is a princess. Devika says that she will wear the outfit which Param choosed for her. Harleen tells Devika that she wants her as their daughter in law so she will tell her about Param’s likes and dislikes. Devika refuses to cheat and leaves from there. Harleen turns around and she gets shocked seeing Rajveer. He asks her to not try to cheat again just because she believes in cheating. She thinks that she will show his real place to him.

Later, Seher asks the girls to come to the stage and she compliments them. Ramp walk begins. Seher learns that her family found 4 purple grains and she thanks God. She thinks that she just needs 4 more purple grains.

Episode ends.

Precap – One of the girl’s father insults Rajveer. Seher takes a stand for Rajveer.

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