Choti Sardarni 16th June 2021 Written Update: Meher finds the necklace

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Gills return India after 5 years, Meher fails to recognize Karan in Kashmir

Choti Sardarni 16th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab sits beside Daarji and gives his stick to him and asks him to leave like how the latter left 25 years back. He tells him that the house will become incomplete without him and the latter don’t know that what happened to him when he left him 25 years back. He tells him that he waited for his return but now the latter want to leave him again.

On the other hand, Meher says to Bittu and Ranna that she won’t let them leave until they returns the necklace. They tells her that they didn’t steal anything and promises on Jagga. Meher says to Amrit that the necklace must be in her room only and moves towards Amrit’s room. Amrit asks Robbie to not let Bittu and Ranna leave the house and asks Harleen to call the Police then she follows Meher.

Sarab accepts that he did mistake by hiding the truth and he faced a lot in his life without any elder’s love. He apologize to him and asks him to forgive him like how the latter used to forgive him when he was kid. Seher and Karan cries. Param consoles the crying Seher. Seher says to them that Amrit would have scolded Meher a lot because of her.

Sarab says to Daarji that the latter can beat him how much he wants and pleads him to not leave. Daarji tells him that he already took decision. Sarab tells him that he knows that the latter won’t change his decision and he want to show him something. Meher searches the necklace in Amrit’s room. Amrit taunts Meher. Seher comes there.

Sarab shows Daarji’s name plate to him and says to him that he renovated this house so many times but he didn’t change the place of this name plate and he won’t change in the future too. Daarji recalls that how Sarab wrote his name when the latter was kid and gets emotional. They shocks seeing Police in Gill mansion.Daarji asks his family that who called the Police. Dolly tells him that Harleen called the Police for Amrit’s sake. Meher finds the necklace in Amrit’s room. Seher sees it and leaves the room. Meher gives the necklace to Amrit. Amrit asks her to not tell anyone that she lost her necklace.

Seher tells her family that Meher found the necklace in Amrit’s room. Daarji asks the Police to leave from there. He tries to apologize to Bittu and Ranna but Sarab stops him and apologize to them. Daarji goes to his room and scolds Amrit. Meher tells him that it’s not Amrit’s mistake. Daarji tells her that everything is Amrit’s mistake. Amrit asks him that why he is not questioning Meher.

Sarab reveals the truth and gives judgement report to Daarji. Amrit taunts Sarab and tells Daarji that Meher is like Lovely so Meher will also destroy their life. Daarji is about to slap Amrit but Meher and Sarab stops him. Meher asks him to not scold Amrit for her. Amrit asks her to stop the drama because everything is happening because of her. Daarji drags her out of the room.

Later, Meher cooks for Daarji. Harleen tells her that Daarji won’t eat. Meher tells Sarab that they lost Daarji’s trust and now they has to tell Karan’s truth to Daarji.

Episode ends.

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