Choti Sardarni 17th June 2021 Written Update: Seher apologize to Daarji

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 17th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher says to Sarab that they should tell Karan’s birth truth to Daarji. Sarab tells her that Daarji will leave the house if they reveals Karan’s birth truth then. She asks him to think about what will happen if Daarji get to know the truth from someone else then. She tells him that he gave his name to Karan without caring about society so he need not to fear now. He tells her that he is afraid to lose Daarji.

Daarji reads judgement report and recalls Sarab’s words. Seher comes there and returns the money saying that she didn’t steal and apologize to him and asks him to not scold Meher for her mistake in the future. Karan and Param also returns the money. Daarji asks them that why they are returning the money. Param tells him that because of this money Amrit scolded Meher so they don’t need this money. Kids tells him that Meher taught them that they are equal and leaves from there.

Seher apologize to Sarab and Meher. Param asks Meher that till when Daarji and Amrit will stay with them. Sarab tells him that they are his parents so he wants them to live in the Gill mansion forever. Kids leaves from there. Sarab decides to tell Karan’s birth truth to Daarji.

Sarab asks Daarji to have food. Daarji asks him to leave him alone. Meher and Sarab accepts that they made mistake. Meher tells Daarji that why Kulwant is in jail. Sarab tells him that he forgave Kulwant but Meher wanted to punish Kulwant and cut all ties with her mother for him and his family. Daarji asks them that do they want to say anything else. Meher tells him that they want to say one more truth.

On the other hand, Harleen tells Amrit that Kulwant attempted to kill Sarab that’s why she is in jail. Dolly is about to tell Karan’s birth truth but Harleen stops her and changes the topic. Amrit tells them that Daarji never behaved like this with her.

Sarab reveals Karan’s birth truth to Daarji. Daarji gets angry and breaks Seher’s project. Meher tells Daarji that she want to tell the complete truth to him and she reveals that she was pregnant with someone else child when she married Sarab. She tells him that Sarab is God for her and now she is standing in front of him because of Sarab’s love and support.

Sarab asks Daarji that if Meher can accept Param then why can’t he accept Karan. Daarji tells him that for him just Gill family’s respect matters and he won’t accept Karan and asks them to leave from there. Sarab and Meher leaves the room. Meher tells him that they should reveal the truth to Amrit also.

Harleen asks Amrit to have food. Amrit yells at her. Meher also asks Amrit to have food. Amrit pushes food plate and tells her that she don’t want to see her face. She reveals that her daughter in law broke her family and settled in Canada with her son. She tells them that Daarji took care of her always but today he attempted to slap her and it happened because of Meher and she is sad that he throw her out of the room.

Episode ends.

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