Choti Sardarni 17th May 2021 Written Update: Meher tests Sarab

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Choti Sardarni 17th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab asks Kulwant to not worry about Meher. Kulwant says to him that she remembers Doctor’s advice and hopes Meher will be cured soon. Sarab recalls how Meher criticised his looks. Later, Kulwant welcomes Gill family and asks about Sarab. Sarab comes there wearing t-shirt, jeans and glasses. Kulwant welcomes Sarab. Bittu and Ranna says to Sarab that he is looking cool. Sarab asks them to not overact. Kulwant calls Meher. Harleen asks Ranna and Bittu that what are they doing. They replies her saying that they are studying now.

Robbie asks them about their marriage. They replies him saying that they wants Meher’s marriage to happen first then they will think about their marriage. Meher comes there wearing veil. Harleen says to Meher that the latter never looked like she wears veil and all. Kulwant tells her that Gill family came to see her daughter so she is feeling shy that’s it. Sarab thinks Meher is not that kind of person so she is upto something definitely. Kulwant asks Meher to give tea to Sarab. Meher gives it. Harleen drinks the tea and spills it. Robbie says to Kulwant that someone mixed chillies in the tea.

Meher’s veil gets removed and it turns out to be Jeeto. Everyone shocks seeing Jeeto there. Harleen asks Kulwant about Jeeto. Kulwant tells her that Jeeto is their house maid. They hears Meher’s laughing sound. Sarab goes inside. Meher looks at Sarab’s outfit and says to him that not bad and tells him to sit. She tells him that she is not typical girl to give exam like what she knows to cook and all so he can reject her and leave from there. He says to her that he loves her so he will give exam and she can select or reject him.

She asks him how many rivers exists in India. He asks her that who asks these kind of question. She tells him that she is asking now and asks him that he ever went to school or not. Robbie asks Harleen to search the answer in Google. Harleen says the answer is 400. Kulwant coughs 4 times. Sarab hears her and tells Meher that the answer is 400.

He asks her for dinner date. She shows chillies to him and if he ate everything then she will go to dinner date with him. He takes the chillies and starts eating. Gill family and Meher’s family gets worried for Sarab. Meher also feels bad for Sarab and stops him from eating and scolds him for eating chillies for dinner date and gives water to him. Everyone gets relieved seeing that.

At restaurant, Sarab says to Meher that he can guess her order by looking at her eyes. He looks at her eyes and calls the Waiter and orders. Meher says to him that he is absolutely right and thinks to check his character. She makes Waiter slip and he pours water on Sarab. Sarab treats Waiter sweetly and goes to washroom.

Sarab’s Dolly Aunty comes there and sees Meher and hugs her. She talks about Meher’s daughter, Jagga and Amrita. Meher shocks hearing her. Sarab comes there and says to Meher that Dolly talked about different Jagga and Amrita. Dolly hugs Sarab. Meher asks him that what are they doing in the restaurant and asks about Kids. Sarab says to her that they came for dinner and takes Dolly from there and informs her about Meher’s disease.

Episode ends.

Precap – 2010’s Meher learns about Jagga’s death.

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