Choti Sardarni 17th September 2021 Written Update: Seher finds out about Rajveer’s one sided love

Choti Sardarni 17th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher asks Rajveer that how can they make this mistake. He tells her that it already happened so no use of discussing about it now. He says to her that they were shivering so much that’s why hugged each other to heat their body and then, that happened which happens between the adults. She asks him to stop it. He tells her that she should have said this yesterday night but instead she asked him to don’t stop. She gets upset. He laughs at her and she understands that he is teasing her. He tells her that nothing happened between them and they just slept in the same bed that’s it. She tells him that she already knows about it.

Then she finds his diary. He notices his diary on her hand and recalls that how he wrote his love story in his diary. He tries to take the diary from her and her pictures drops from diary. He takes it before she sees it. He asks her to return his dairy to him. She locks herself in the washroom and starts reading the diary. She comes out of the washroom and asks him that why he hided about his one sided love from her. He tells her that he tried a lot but he could not and he apologizes to her.

On the other hand, Didiji hears voice from her past. She thinks that she won’t let her past affect her future. She talks to herself saying that, everything going on according to her plan and she waited a lot for this day so she won’t let anyone spoil her dream. Meanwhile Param and Anu discuss about their coffee date. Didiji calls Anu and asks to meet her. Anu informs Param that she need to cancel the plan for today. He tells her that, it’s okay.

Seher asks Rajveer about his lover’s name. He realises that she didn’t read her name. She tells him that he knows everything about her life but she don’t have any idea about his love story. He tries to change the topic but she is adamant to know the truth. He tells her that he can’t get his love. She hugs him to console him. She tells him that she thought Kunal also loved her but it was just a one sided love. She promises to find his lover before their divorce.

Meanwhile Maasiji tells her husband that she send mic with Rajveer and Seher’s breakfast. He scolds her for that. Seher gets afraid seeing the cockroach. Rajveer asks her to throw that cockroach out of the room. She scolds him. Seher and Rajveer tries to attack the cockroach. Maasiji hears their conversation and misunderstands that.

Anu meets Didiji. Didiji asks Anu to renovate the room and buy cradle from US and no one should enter this room except her. Later, Didiji takes ultrasound picture and tells that she lost him but soon he will return to her and Rajveer and Seher will bring him to her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Someone puts toy in Rajveer’s room and Seher wakes up.

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