Choti Sardarni 18th March 2021 Written Update: Meher tries to escape from Pratap

Param, Karan and Seher to stand up for Meher, New Promo: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler
Param, Karan and Seher to stand up for Meher, New Promo: Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler

Choti Sardarni 18th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Karan asks Sarab that when Meher will come. Sarab says she will return soon. Seher asks Sarab that does he know about tomorrow. Sarab says he doesn’t know. Seher says she won the bet and says like she said Sarab don’t remember about tomorrow. Pratap beats Meher and asks her to tell about Sandhya. Meher loses her consciousness and his mother Sushma stops him and says if something happened to Meher then who will tell about Sandhya. Sandhya’s father comes there and tells Pratap that Meher should not die.Sarab asks what’s special tomorrow. Sandhya says she knows about it. He asks her to sit. Seher asks really Sandhya knows about it. Sandhya tells about it to Seher.

Seher says Sandhya is right and says tomorrow fancy dress competition going to happen in their school. Sarab asks how Sandhya knows about it. Sandhya says Meher noted that in calendar and she saw that. Seher says she doesn’t know what she has to wear tomorrow. Sandhya helps her by giving idea. Seher thanks her and asks her to help Param and Karan too. Karan says only Meher can give idea and help him to get ready. Param asks Sarab to call Meher saying he didn’t talk to her. Sarab calls her but she didn’t pick the call. Sandhya thinks even though she want to tell the truth still she can’t tell anything to them.

Gulwant gets worried thinking about Meher. Bittu and Ranna scolds Gulwant saying they could not live their life properly because of her misunderstanding. They says they will leave the house with Ginni and Jeeto. She says they doesn’t have money to live so they can’t threaten her like this.Meher tells Sushma that she want to leave from there. Sushma says at night everyone must be busy watching Champa’s dance so using that chance she can escape. Meher says her family waiting for her.

Seher says Meher is busy so Sandhya can help them to get ready and there is nothing wrong in it. Param says Sandhya is still a stranger for them so he can’t take her help. He tells Harleen about his fancy dress competition. Harleen says she will help only Param because she have time for him only and takes him with her. Karan overhears their conversation and runs from there. Sandhya sees that.

Sarab message Meher and sees Karan was crying and asks him that why he is crying. Karan says Harleen helping Param and Sandhya helping Seher but no one is here to help him. Sarab says he will help him. Karan gets happy and runs from there. Sandhya says if Sarab doesn’t have any problem then she will help Karan too. He says she is guest so she need not to stress herself by doing lot of work. He asks how she met Meher. She tells him that she met Meher in Delhi.

Pratap and other guys we’re watching Champa’s dance performance. Pratap learns that Meher trying to escape and follows her. Sandhya asks Harleen about sewing machine saying she has to help Seher.Harleen taunts Sandhya and tells her about sewing machine. Sandhya was about to take that but Sarab comes there and helps her.

Seher misses Meher and cries. Sandhya consoles her and makes her sleep. Pratap shoots Meher. Sarab wakes up from his sleep.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kids says Meher returned.

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