Choti Sardarni 18th September 2021 Written Update: Didiji recalls her miscarriage

Choti Sardarni 18th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Maasiji tells her husband that she taught everything to Didiji so she can’t lose against her. She says to him that she is sure that Seher and Rajveer acting like happy couple and she will prove that no matter what. In the middle of the night, Maasiji sneaks into Rajveer’s room to put mic there. She thinks that no one will find out about this mic. She talks to herself saying that now this mic will record everything and she puts the toy in that room. She screams hearing snoring sound and escapes from there. Seher wakes up and sees someone leaving and she tires to move so Rajveer also wakes up. They notices that, the door is open. She tells him that someone entered their room. He tells her that, that’s not possible but if she suspects then they can check the CCTV footage. She finds anklet and asks him to not tell anyone about this.

On the other hand, Didiji cries seeing ultrasound picture. She recalls that how much Rajveer was excited to see her baby. Then her husband comes there with rod. Didiji and Rajveer gets afraid seeing him. Didiji’s husband tries to attack Rajveer but Didiji stops him. She asks him that why the latter trying to attack Rajveer. He tells her that Rajveer broke his alcohol bottles. Rajveer tells him that drinking is bad habit. He runs from there so Didiji’s husband chases him.

Didiji tries to stop her husband and the latter pushes her and she falls from the stairs. She comes to the reality and tells that she wants her sonu back. She recalls about her miscarriage and also that how Rajveer promised to give his first baby to her. She thinks that she still remember Rajveer’s promise so she wants her sonu.

Next day, Didiji greets Maasiji and her husband. Maasiji ignores her. Didiji asks her about evidence. Maasiji tells her that she didn’t lose the bet yet and she will give evidence to her for sure. Gill family comes there. Karan tells them that they came to meet Seher. Dimpy comes there and tells them that Doctor informed her that now Seher and Rajveer are totally fine so no need of quarantine. Didiji thinks that she made Doctor call her. Dimpy tells them that Seher preparing for some Gill family ritual.

Rajveer and Seher comes there. Param asks Seher about their family ritual. Seher signals Badi B. She informs them that she prepared everything for that ritual. Then she tells them that it’s a special ritual and she is going to wash elders feet. Maasiji husband tells his wife that the latter misunderstood Seher.

Maasiji thinks that something going on in Seher’s mind for sure. Didiji wonders that what exactly Seher want to do. Seher confirms that Maasiji entered her room yesterday night. She tells her that the latter’s one anklet missing. Rajveer shows that anklet and reveals everything. Badi B asks Maasiji that why the latter entered newlyweds room at mid night. Maasiji understands that it was Seher’s plan to expose her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Maasiji hears Seher and Rajveer’s conversation about their fake marriage.

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