Choti Sardarni 19th January 2022 Written Update: Guruji gives medicine to Seher

Choti Sardarni 19th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Guruji asks Seher to take his ring from fire if she has the guts then. She pours water on fire. Then she searches the ring in coal and she burns her hand in that process but she could not find the ring. On the other hand, kite flying competition begins. Karan and Param are in single team. They plans strategy to win against their opponent team. Karan and Param wins the first round. And everyone claps for them except Harleen. Ranna says that they have four more rounds to decide the winner. Then kite flying competition continues.

Devika motivates Param and Karan. Amrin gives juice to Karan and Param saying that they need strength to win the competition. Param helps Karan to drink juice. He tells him that he knows that they will win this competition. Harleen notices everything and gets pissed off. Karan and Param wins the second round too. They dances together to celebrate it and hugs each other. Harleen thinks that she won’t let them reunite by forgetting everything.

Guruji asks Seher to leave it because she can’t find his ring. She tells him about the motivational speech her mother told her. He asks her to find the ring if she wants him to treat Rajveer then. Kulwant prays to God.

Later, Amrin and Devika cheers for Karan. Harleen tells Robbie that Param doing all the hardwork but everyone cheering for Karan. Param and Karan lose the 3rd and 4th round. Ranna announces that it’s a tie between two teams so 5th round will decide the winner. Then 5th round begins. Harleen distracts Karan deliberately to make him lose. Karan and Param lose the 5th round. Param scolds Karan for losing. Karan tells him that he tried his best. Ranna says that it’s just a competition. Param and Karan argues with each other.

Seher tells Guruji that she could not find his ring because it got destroyed in fire. She asks him to give any other task and she will do whatever he wants her to do. He reminds her that what all she put in that fire and now it will help to bring Rajveer’s eyesight because that is the medicine. She takes his blessings. He tells her that she is like her mother only. He says to her that she has to use this medicine within 6 hours. She nods at him. Karan asks Jeeto about Seher. She tells him that Seher will come. She asks Ranna and Bittu to cheer Karan and Param.

Seher enters the house with medicine box. Harleen notices the box. Jeeto tells Seher that Rajveer and Ginni didn’t return from temple yet. Harleen gives Meher’s ‘chunni’ to Param saying that they will give it to Devika. Karan says that Meher’s ‘chunni’ belongs to his wife. Seher tells Kulwant that they don’t have much time. Jeeto takes them to the hall. Harleen enters Seher’s room and sees the medicine box.

Episode ends.

Precap – Seher informs her family that Guruji gave medicine to treat Rajveer. Harleen plans to destroy the medicine.

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