Choti Sardarni 19th July 2021 Written Update: Meher accuses Sarab

Choti Sardarni 19th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Meher wonders that who is Saloni and finds her social media accounts and learns that Saloni is a divorcee and returned to Amritsar recently and sees her posts with Sarab. On the other hand, Sarab and Saloni meets a Lawyer and discuss about some case. Lawyer asks them to not reveal about the case to anyone for now and gives Mr. Bakshi’s card and asks them to attend his call without missing it.

Saloni talks about their past memories to Sarab while eating. Meher calls Sarab and asks him that where is he now. He tells her that he is in the important meeting and she hears Saloni’s voice. He disconnects her call to talk to Mr. Bakshi. After some time, Saloni asks Sarab that what Meher said. He tells her that Meher just asked about his meeting. She tells him that seems like his wife started suspecting him. Param sees Sarab and Saloni together crossing the road.

Meher asks Harleen about Sarab. Harleen tells her that Sarab didn’t came to office today. Param tells Meher that she saw Sarab with one aunty and seems like that aunty is coward because she hold Sarab’s hand tightly while crossing the road. She shows Saloni’s picture and confirms that Param saw Sarab with Saloni.

She recalls that what Amrit said about third person’s interference then she calls Amrit and the latter understands that Meher is still angry with Sarab and tells her to finish the fight as soon as possible otherwise she may regret it later and asks her that anything else happened. Meher tells her that nothing happened and decides to talk to Sarab about Saloni. Sarab reaches the mansion and tells Meher that he disconnected her call to attend an important call and because of bad network he could not call back her.

She tells him that it never happened before and she is about to ask about Saloni but Saloni’s call interrupts them. He tells her that he need to leave now and asks her to have food and sleep and takes the car key from driver. She wonders that why he is driving and follows him. He goes to Saloni’s apartment. She asks Security guard about Saloni’s apartment number. Security guard gives the number to her. Saloni hugs Sarab and they goes inside the apartment and Meher shatters seeing that. Meher recalls that how Seher found rose in Sarab’s dress and cries.

Saloni asks Sarab to not get nervous. He tells her that he didn’t share about it with Meher yet. She tells him that it’s not the right to reveal it to her. Meher knocks the door and Saloni opens it. She introduces herself to Saloni. Sarab asks her that what is she doing there. Saloni tells her that she misunderstood them. Meher warns her to not utter a word and accuses Sarab and reveals that even Param saw them together today. Then she lashes out at Saloni.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab brings Saloni to Gill mansion which angers Meher.

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