Choti Sardarni 1st June 2021 Written Update: Sarab decides to expose Kulwant

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 1st June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab shatters learning that Kulwant is responsible for his accident and he recalls what all she said to defend herself. Meher calls Sarab and asks him about the culprit. He struggles to speak and call gets disconnected. Meher thinks Sarab knows about the culprit and waits for his return. Sarab recalls the moments he shared with Kulwant. Kids goes out to play. Meher stops them and tells them to play inside.

Harleen asks Meher about Sarab. Meher replies her saying that he must be on the way. Sarab thinks Meher should know Kulwant’s truth, while driving. He reaches Gill mansion and sees Kulwant doing head massage for Meher. His one inner feeling asks him to expose Kulwant. His another inner feeling asks him to not destroy Meher’s happiness by exposing Kulwant. He wonders he should expose Kulwant or not.

Seher asks Meher to do head massage for her. Kids asks Sarab that where he went. Meher asks Sarab about the culprit. Kulwant asks Sarab that did he get to know about anything. He tells her that everything is fine and goes inside. Meher follows him and asks him that what is he thinking. He lies to her saying that he didn’t get any evidence against the culprit. She tells him that she feels before marriage they will expose the culprit together. He asks her that will she forgive the culprit because that person could be their loved one. She tells him that, the culprit deserves punishment and she will make sure that, the culprit gets punished.

Bittu and Ranna asks Kulwant to not worry because seeing Sarab it doesn’t look like he knows anything. Kulwant tells them that she is not sure that what Sarab knows. Yuvi informs Bittu and Ranna that pendrive is not in the Gill mansion. Kids sees marriage photo shoot pictures. Param praises about Kulwant’s hand made laddus. Karan and Seher tells him that they didn’t get chance to eat them.

Sarab overhears their conversation and thinks if he expose Kulwant then it will destroy everyone’s happiness. Meher gives milk to Kids. Kids goes to sleep. Meher asks Sarab to not worry because she is sure that God will help them to find the culprit and Kulwant also helping them. She tells him that when she got to know that truck belongs to Kulwant, for a second she suspected her mother then realised that Kulwant loves him so much so she won’t do something like that.

Kulwant calls Meher and learns that they are talking about investigation. Meher tells her that she missed mother love in her first marriage but thanks to Sarab that she got second chance.

Next day, Meher gives sehra to Karan and Param. Dolly tells Harleen that she won’t let Karan wear sehra. Dhillon family reaches Gill mansion. They greets each other. Sarab decides to expose Kulwant.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab’s behaviour shocks Kulwant.

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