Choti Sardarni 1st June 2022 Written Update: Zorawar and Mannat plans to reunite their family

Choti Sardarni 1st June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dolly criticises Mannat. She says that she is glad that Zorawar is fine. She adds that Zorawar end up in trouble because of Mannat. She tells Zorawar that she don’t want see or talk about that family. Meanwhile, Ranna tells Kulwant that Mannat also beat goons up so it’s not like Zorawar only fought with goons. Mannat says that Zorawar didn’t misbehave with her. Bittu tells her that she is good so she thinks everyone is good. Kulwant tells Mannat that Zorawar would be like Dolly only.


Dolly warns Zorawar to stay away from Mannat’s family. He tells her that Mannat is not like that and praises her. Scarlet gets shocked hearing him. But Kiara smiles. Dolly tells Zorawar that she don’t want to hear Mannat’s name and also don’t want to see her face. Zorawar tells Dolly that he understood everything and asks her to have food. He says that he wants their help to solve the riddle. He tells the riddle to them. Dolly tells him that Kulwant annoyed her already and she can’t help him in any way and leaves from there. Kiara tells Zorawar that Scarlet will help him and leaves from there. Scarlet tells him that it must be a wrong riddle and leaves from there. Zorawar decides to meet Mannat at night to know the answer of the riddle.

Later, Zorawar calls Mannat and tells her to come outside. She leaves the house and asks him that what is he doing there and what if someone sees him. He tells her that he want to know the answer of the riddle. She asks him that if Scarlet is his life. He nods at her. He tells her that she got her family so she don’t want anything else now. She nods at him. They hears Bittu’s voice. Mannat pleads Zorawar to leave but he refuses saying that he is not afraid of anyone. She makes him lay down on the bed and covers him with clothes. Bittu comes there and asks her that what is she doing there. He badmouths about Zorawar. He asks her to stay away from Zorawar. He stops talking when he saw Jeeto there. Jeeto goes inside. He also goes inside.

Mannat asks Zorawar to call Inderpal and say that he is not a loser and he don’t need him. Zorawar calls Inderpal. Inderpal picks the call and says that Zorawar can’t do anything alone. Zorawar stammers so Inderpal scolds him. Zorawar gets angry and tells him that the latter don’t deserve to be a father. He says that Inderpal’s hatred made him strong. He adds that he don’t need him and disconnects the call. He feels happy and hugs Mannat. They breaks the hug. They discuss about reuniting their family. He suggests to throw a party. He is about to fall but she holds him. They shares an eye lock. She asks him to learn to walk first then he can solve the riddle.

Next day, Zorawar tells Dolly about party. He tells her that mistake happened from both sides so they should not break relationship. He calls Kulwant and invites her for party. Mannat convinces Kulwant to attend the party. Dolly and Kulwant decides to insult each other. Zorawar and Mannat sends message to each other.

Episode ends.

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