Choti Sardarni 1st May 2021 Written Update: Sarab disguises himself to meet Meher

CS FI 1 6
CS FI 1 6

Choti Sardarni 1st May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab goes to the lawn and picks Meher from behind. They fell on the lawn and stares each other without blinking eyes. They gets up and and he tries to hug her but she stops him saying that others may see them. She complaints to him that because of him she fell and now she has to take bath again and asks him that what he wants to say to her. He teasingly says to her that when she is with him he forgets everything and tells her that he came to complaint about her to her. She innocently asks what she did.

He reminds her that what she did yesterday night and holds her hand tightly. She says to him that she will kiss him and asks him to leave her hand saying his grip is tight and it’s paining. He leaves her hand then understood that she lied again. She runs from there and he chases her. Other side, Kids are playing with each other. Harleen notices them and thanks God.

Meher stops and holds her head then Sarab comes there. She asks him that why she was running. He says to her that she can’t deceive him again. She says to him that she really don’t remember. He tries to kiss her but Ranna and Bittu interrupts them. Harleen tells Meher to get ready to reach Kulwant’s house.

Ranna and Bittu says to Sarab that their wives throw them out of the house. They asks Sarab to think something to attend the function. Robbie asks him to not involve in this issue. Sarab gets an idea and asks Seher to bring pen and paper. She gives pen and paper to him. He writes something and tells Seher to put that in Meher’s bag.

Meher, Harleen and Kids reaches Kulwant’s house. Kulwant welcomes them and gets emotional seeing Meher. Meher gets emotional seeing Jagga and Amrita’s picture. Ginni and Jeeto takes them inside and they starts dancing. Meher says to Kulwant that boys won’t be able to enter the house and gives whistle to Param, Karan and Yuvi and tells them to do security guard job for today. Seher thinks she is from Sarab’s team and smiles.

Robbie, Ranna and Bittu disguises themselves as women and reaches Kulwant’s house. Seher calls Sarab and warns him about the security. Sarab tells them to enter the house through back door. Ladies are dancing. Kids sees Robbie, Ranna and Bittu through binoculars.

Meher acts like Sarab. Everyone claps for Meher. They hears whistle sound and takes the stick. Yuvi says to Kulwant that he saw Ranna entering the house through back door. Harleen catches Robbie. He says to her he missed her a lot. Ladies tries to attack him. He reveals about Ranna and Bittu. Kulwant asks Kids to whistle seeing Sarab too. Sarab disguises himself as local vendor and reaches there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher asks Sarab to leave from there. He makes her wear bangles. Kulwant and others knocks the door.

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