Choti Sardarni 1st November 2019 Written Update: Sarabjeet gets angry on Meher

Today’s episode starts with Neerja coming to Meher room and calls Param to sleep with her. Param tells her he always sleep with Meher mumma. Neerja try to persuade him that she will tell him stories. Param refuses saying Meher has already told him these stories. Meher request Neerja to sleep with them as Param takes time to be friendly with anyone. Neerja accepts. Param still don’t talk to Neerja. Meher tells Neerja about a poem he told in school that got him praises. She tease and taunt him in such a way he gets up and says the poem. Meher subtly makes Param open up to Neerja and Neerja tells him story.

Colonel and Sarab sits in the lawn while Colonel drinks. He asks Sarab if he still don’t drink. Sarab nods no. Sarab tells him he never forgot Simran and he cant. Colonel tells him he knows that Neerja’s words hurt him, but that is because she has always been possessive of Simran.

The next day Param sits on the sofa looking dull. Neerja and colonel comes there and asks him why he seem down. Param tells them he is confused as he slept in Meher mumma’s room but wakes up in papa’s room. Neerja asks him if they fight. Param tells them they fight a lot and pretend to love when he is there. Neerja secretly records his video. Param tells them his parents sleep separately and always fights. He leaves when Meher calls him. Colonel ask her why she recorded, Neerja says it’s the child’s confession and it’s a strong evidence for custody. They plan to meet Neerja’s niece Riddhima who is a lawyer. Sarab’s sister ask them to have breakfast, they tell her they have important work and hurriedly leaves. She starts doubting their intention.

Bittu comes to Meher house carrying g the photos of Meher and Manav in an envelope. Sarab puts his photos from an event in an envelope and leaves. Bittu and Saran collide and their envelopes got exchanged by mistake. Bitter gives the envelope to Meher and ask her if she is going to show her and Manav photos to Kulwant. Meher tells him not to think too much and ask if he brought a sim card. They get shocked seeing Sarab’s photos and Bittu tells her about how it would have been misplaced.

Sarab tells his sister he got the events photos. She tells him about her suspicion about Simran’s parents. He tell her not to worry as Neerja will tell him if something is wrong. He was about to take pictures from envelope when Meher and Bitter along with kids form a train. Sarab and his sister too joins along for fun.

Riddhima tells Neerja video evidence is not enough. They have to prove in court that Param is not happy in that house and will have to raise questions on their parenting. Colonel tells her Param is happy and he has no doubt’s. However Neerja tells her she has doubts and want to file for custody. Riddhima gives her some documents and ask her to cross question everyone and start gathering evidence.
Meher tries to take pics from Sarab’s pocket but he holds her hand and asks what was she doing. Meher lies saying it was about to fall. Param asks what was in his pocket. Sarab tells him its his pictures. Param tells him he want to see it. Sarab opens envelope. Episode ends.

Precap- Colonel tells Neerja he is not sure about filing custody case against his own son in law. Neerja remains stern. Neerja tells Sarab she wants to discuss Param’s custody, shocking Sarab and Meher.