Choti Sardarni 20th February 2021 Written Update: Karan thinks Samaira is his mother

Choti Sardarni 20th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gulwant executes her plan to kill Sarab and Karan but snow rain spoils her plan. Next day, Meher notices that kerosene box is empty but she remembers that she filled the box. Seher asks Meher that why she woke up early today and leaves from there. Meher says Karan and Sarab leaving today and that thought didn’t let her sleep. She says she stayed away from them for 5 years and it’s hard for her to let them go. Harleen sees Meher’s pictures and says Meher moved on in her life but spoiled Sarab’s life and she will make sure that her brother begins new life. Meher feeds Karan.

Karan says witch never feeds him only his father feeds him. She asks who is witch. He says Param calls her as Aunt. She tells him to not call her as witch. Sarab tells Seher to study well and asks her to meet him if she comes to Amritsar then. Meher says she packed food. Sarab gives money to her. She refuses to take it saying she didn’t helped them for money and says Karan got sister here. Sarab tells Seher to take care of her and says goodbye to her. Karan tells Meher that Param used to say that one should never say goodbye so he won’t say that to her. Meher smiles hearing him.

Meher gives black coffee to Sarab. He says he stopped drinking black coffee and he drinks tulsi tea only from the time his wife left him and drives the car.Meher says she also doesn’t drink tulsi tea after separating from him. She shocks seeing Seher lying on the floor and shouts for help. Sarab feels like someone called him. Kaul comes there and says ambulance waiting for them and picks Seher. Karan says he found fairy god but she didn’t helped him to find his mother. He asks Sarab that how his mother used to look. Sarab explains Meher’s features and her behaviours.

One lady talks to Sarab’s picture saying she is waiting for him.Sarab and Karan reaches their house. Karan tells Sarab to not inform Harleen about him otherwise she will scold him. Karan sees the lady who was talking to Sarab’s picture and hugs her saying he searched her everywhere and tells her to not go away from him. She asks does he knows who is she. He says he knows that she is his mother.

Doctor says donor left the place so they has to do bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. Kaul says that will be expensive. Doctor says they doesn’t have any other choice and Meher doesn’t have much time. He tells them to take Seher to Amritsar’s hospital. Sarab falls down and gets surprised seeing Samaira. She says he didn’t changed still. Kaul gives his property papers to Meher. She cries saying she can’t save her daughter with the money she have. He tells her to stay strong for Seher and they will find a way.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab sees Meher’s pictures. Harleen informs him about his engagement with Samaira.