Choti Sardarni 20th July 2021 Written Update: Meher cuts ties with Sarab

Choti Sardarni 20th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Meher tells Saloni that seems like the latter forgot that her college crush has family. Sarab asks her to stop it saying that she is doing mistake like him and inform her that he came to meet Saloni for her. She refuses to believe him saying that he is keep lying and tells him that everything finished between them and leaves from there. He tells Saloni that he did mistake by hiding the truth from Meher. She tells him that they can’t tell the truth to Meher now. He tries to follow Meher but Saloni stops him saying that they need to finish their work first.

Meher cries asking that why Sarab betrayed her. Sarab comes there and asks her that how can she suspect him and tells her that Saloni is just his friend. She tells him that he have an extra marital affair with Saloni. He tells her that he went to Saloni’s house for her. She gets angry seeing Saloni there and yells at her. Saloni tells her that Sarab loves the latter more than anyone else. Sarab talks about Meher’s father. Meher recalls the moments she shared with her father and asks him that why he is bringing her father now.

He reveals that her father is alive and she shocks hearing him. He informs her that her father is in Pakistan’s jail now and tells her that how he learnt about that seeing the newspaper and also reveals that Saloni works in ministry of external affairs that’s why he called her and asked her to help to find out about Meher’s father.

Saloni tells Meher that her source confirmed that her father is alive. Sarab reveals that for that only he and Saloni met Lawyer and that Lawyer suggested to contact Pakistan’s lawyer Mr. Bakshi and he disconnected her call to talk to him. And today he went to Saloni’s house to attend video call of jailer.

Meher thanks God and cries and asks Sarab that why he hided the truth from her. He tells her that he wanted to surprise her but she suspected him and she apologizes to him. He also apologizes to her for his mistake. Saloni tells them that she is happy for them and tells Meher that she tried to flirt with Sarab but he didn’t react at all. Sarab tells jailer to proceed Meher’s father’s release and his health condition is also not good now.

Meher pleads him to release her father. Jailer tells them that he can understand their emotions but he is not sure that Meher’s father is alive or not because they lost the documents recently because of the fire accident which happened in the jail and there was two persons from India with same name. Meher cries hearing him.

Later, Meher recalls that how her father went for kargil war. Sarab tells her that few soldiers crossing the border tomorrow and asks to pray that her father should also cross the board tomorrow.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher and Sarab waits for the soldiers.

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