Choti Sardarni 20th November 2021 Written Update: Didiji learns about Seher’s pregnancy

Choti Sardarni 20th November 2021 Written Update: on

Episode begins with Kulwant asks Azar to leave Seher. Terrorists threatens her. She warns to hit them with slipper. Seher pleads her to go and sit on her seat. She notices that how Reema suffering and tries to move towards her. But Azar pushes her. She informs him that Reema is pregnant and Reema needs her so she just want to help her so she won’t do anything else. He nods at her. Seher goes to her seat and gives water to Reema.

Azar asks his team to bring the passengers from business class. One of the terrorist goes to pilot and asks to open the door and he attacks one pilot and asks another pilot to follow his order. Pawan pleads Azar to leave him because he has to reach Dubai for work otherwise his mother will die. Azar kicks him and beats him. Seher pleads him to not hurt Pawan. Reema asks her to not leave from there saying that she is nervous.

Seher notices gun and falls down to take it. Azar asks her that why she moved from her seat. She lies to him that she fell down by mistake and takes the gun with her and hides it. Azar warns her to not move and pushes her on her seat. Terrorist asks the pilot to take the flight to Afghanistan. Pilot tells him that they don’t have enough fuel to go to Afghanistan so for refill they has to land in Delhi. Azar gives permission for it. Pilot informs his management about flight hijack.

Didiji learns about flight hijack by watching breaking news. Param and Karan too watches the news. Gayatri calls Didiji and informs her that Seher is pregnant. Didiji tells Bobby that she has to save her Sonu and they should reach Delhi. Param tells Karan that they has to reach Delhi as soon as possible and leaves the house.

Reema cries and tells Seher that she don’t want to die and want to go to her husband. Seher asks her to not cry and relax. Seher recalls the moment she spend with Rajveer. One of the passenger tries to take his bp pill but Azar stops him and yells at him.

Azar tells his team that he will talk to Indian government after landing in Delhi. Pawan tells himself that he will ask Terrorists to leave him in Delhi. Seher asks him to not try to talk to Terrorists. Azar tells them that he needs special hostages to blackmail Indian government. Terrorists takes old lady and Pawan as special hostages. Rajveer learns that Seher’s flight has been hijacked by terrorists.

Terrorists locks Kulwant in the toilet. Seher tells Azar that she will co-operate with him and asks him to leave Kulwant. One of the terrorist slaps Omkar which infuriates Seher. She takes the gun and tells them that she won’t let them harm anyone. One of the terrorist comes from Seher’s back.

Episode ends.

Precap – Terrorists shoots Pawan. Azar asks Didiji to fulfill his demand.

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