Choti Sardarni 21st April 2021 Written Update: Sandhya attempts to kill Rajan

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 21st April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab recalls the moments he shared with Meher. Sandhya takes the gun out from the drawer and talks to herself saying that Rajan should suffer now for his sins and calls him. Rajan shocks hearing Sandhya’s voice. Sarab sees Meher’s picture and says to her that he can’t live without her and says to her that he wants his happiness and asks her to return to him. He talks about the moments he shared with her and he is missing her a lot. He says to her that he can’t even imagine a life without her and says to her that he knows that she will return for him and for his happiness.

Next day, Sarab tells Kids to concentrate on their studies. Sandhya says to him that he need to go to court today so she will drop the Kids. He says to her that it’s not safe for her to go out. Harleen says to him that he need to reach the court on time so let Sandhya drop the Kids in the school. Sandhya pleads him to let her to go out because she can’t stay in the house all the time fearing about others. He nods at her and tells her to take Security guard with her. Kulwant tells Ranna to handle the business carefully because this client is important one and informs him that she is going to the court. Manager asks Ranna to hire experienced Driver but he refused. Ginni says to Ranna that he already started gaining profit.

Sandhya drops the Kids in the school. Kids tells her to prepare their favorite dishes and goes inside the school. She tells the Security guard to wait for the Kids saying that she is going somewhere. Param’s friends teases Param talking about Sarab and Sandhya. Param says to them that everything is lie. Yuvi threatens those boys and hugs Param.

Sandhya reaches one hotel room to meet Rajan. He tells her to come inside. She says to him that she is tired of everything and she asks him to arrange money for her to leave the city and for him she is ready to give statement against Sarab. He agrees with her. She takes the gun out from her bag and aims at Rajan. He asks her to drop the gun but she shoots him and he escapes. Bittu and Jeeto disguises themselves as Police and stops Ranna’s vehicle. Jeeto diverts the Driver and Bittu takes all the stuff from the vehicle.

One more guy comes to Rajan’s room and Sandhya escapes from there. They chases her. Robbie sees them and informs about it to Sarab saying they are running towards city life hospital. Nurse assumes that Sandhya came with Meher and takes her inside the hospital. Robbie asks Sandhya that why Rajan was chasing her. Meher’s takes Sarab’s name and he gets strange feeling.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab moves towards Meher’s ward.

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