Choti Sardarni 21st May 2021 Written Update: Meher seeks Kulwant’s help to find the culprit

Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher learns Rahul is her son Karan, New entry ahead

Choti Sardarni 21st May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher tells the truck number to Police inspector and asks him to find the details. But Sarab takes Meher from there. Karan and Param praises each other. Harleen sees them and talks to herself saying that she really could not understand them. Seher says to her brothers that both are best and tells Harleen that she won’t let her brothers fight with each other. Dolly thinks Seher is like Meher and asks Seher to always remember that Param is big boy so he is right always.

Dolly gives one sweet piece to Seher and asks her that whom she will give this. Seher breaks that sweet into 2 pieces and gives them to both Karan and Param. Harleen says to Dolly that Seher loves both of her brothers equally. Dolly tells her that there is difference between Karan and Param and they should prove that.

Shop owner tells Sarab that chunri is not ready yet. Sarab says to Meher that she need not to get upset because he knows to solve the problem. He tells her that he is going to do embroidery on her chunri and he is happy that he got this chance and takes her inside after taking permission from the shop owner. He starts stitching. She back hugs him then starts running from there so he chases her and both fell down on the clothes and stares each other ( Sona sona itna bhi song plays in the background).

Karan asks Harleen that why she is not giving sword to him. She tells him that only Sarbala can take this sword. Param and Karan fights with each other to become Sarbala. Harleen scolds Karan. Dolly tells her that only strong person can become Sarbala so she is going to check that. Sarab was about to hurt his hand. Meher recalls Sarab’s accident and saves him. He tells her that she saved him again and shows the chunri to her.

Karan and Param gets ready for boxing. Harleen gets worried for Param. Dolly assures her saying that nothing will happen to Param and asks them to begin the game. Seher tries to stop her brothers. Param hits Karan and says that he won so he will become Sarab’s Sarbala. Karan holds his face and leaves from there.

Sarab asks her that why she seems upset. She tells him that she will miss him. He drops her in Kulwant’s house. Meher gets afraid seeing Yuvi’s truck. Kulwant asks her that what happened to her. Meher says to her that she needs her help. Kulwant gets confused hearing her. Meher tells the truck number to her and asks her to find the truck and truck driver because she wants to know who wanted to kill Sarab.

Kulwant recalls how she hit Sarab that day and asks Meher to forget the past. Meher asks her to call RTO to find the truck driver. Kulwant asks her sons to divert Meher saying that she needs time to think. Meher gives her mobile to Kulwant and makes her call RTO.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher checks the CCTV footage to find the culprit.

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