Choti Sardarni 21st November 2021 Written Update: Didiji learns about Terrorist demands

Choti Sardarni 21st November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with one of the terrorist Bilal holds Seher from behind and she tries to escape from him. He snatches the gun from her and pushes her on her seat. He attempts to kill her but Azar stops him saying that they can’t hurt her now. He notices Pawan and asks him to get up. Then he shoots him which shocks all the passengers. Everyone cries seeing Pawan’s dead body. Seher recalls that how Pawan’s mother asked her to take care of Pawan because he is travelling first time in flight and also how Pawan wanted to do work in Dubai to cure his mother’s disease. All the passengers gets panicks and thinks that everyone going to die. Kulwant asks to open the door but no response.

Rich lady recalls that how Azar said that Seher is chief minister’s daughter in law and blames Seher for Pawan’s death. She tells others that everyone going to die because of Seher because she is VVIP. Everyone asks Seher to not do anything and remain silent. Kulwant hears their conversation and gets relieved that Seher is fine. Old lady tells Terrorists that God won’t forgive them for killing Pawan. Old man tells them that he is not afraid of them. Ajmal tries to kill him but Azar stops him. Omkar tells Seher that he want to go home. Reema gets panicks and Seher asks her to relax. Seher thinks that if anything happens to her then Rajveer won’t get to know that she was pregnant.

Jail staff tells Jailer that Rajveer ate something and he lost his consciousness. Jailer goes to Rajveer and understands that Rajveer acted. Rajveer tells Jailer that today his Seher needs him so no one can stop him and beats him.

Everyone in the flight learns that flight going to land in Delhi. Azar asks his team to get everyone’s mobile. Bilal takes Seher’s mobile from her and asks her about Kulwant mobile. Seher lies that Kulwant doesn’t uses mobile and hides Kulwant’s mobile. Meanwhile, Didiji learns that flight going to land in Delhi. She thinks that she won’t let anything happen to Sonu.

Azar tells Pilot that he want to talk to his airport authorities. He asks airport authorities to accept their gift. Didiji and others gets confused hearing him. They drops Pawan’s dead body. Azar asks them that did they liked his gift. He orders them refill the flight because he need to go to Afghanistan. He tells them that he wants 1000 crore and they should release Zahir from jail too. Didiji asks him to not kill anyone. He tells her that they should fulfill all the demands in 4 hours otherwise they will get Seher’s dead body. Didiji decides to fulfill all the demands.

Param and Karan reaches the airport and asks Police to let them enter the airport because their sister is in the flight. Media covers the news. Param screams Seher’s name ( Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai song plays in the background ).

Seher pleads Azar to give water to them. He tells her that only kids and elders are allowed to drink. Seher distributes water bottles to passengers but they refuses to take it from her hand. Rich lady blames her for Pawan’s death again.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Terrorists kills old man and his wife dies in shock. Seher witnesses that.