Choti Sardarni 21st September 2021 Written Update: Rajveer fails to help Seher

Choti Sardarni 21st September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajveer gives recipe books to Seher. She tells him that she need to cook tomorrow so it’s obvious that she can’t read everything in one day. He tells her that she should read half books and he will read remaining books to help her. She asks him that then what about practical. He tells her that he arranged for that too and he takes her to the kitchen. He gets disappointed seeing her way of cutting the onion. She asks him to teach her everything. He tells her that he don’t have time to teach her so tomorrow he will cook instead of her. Maasiji overhears their conversation and thinks that she won’t let Rajveer help Seher no matter what.

Next day, Seher prays to God to help her to perform the ritual. Rajveer comes there and takes her from there. On the other hand, Anu receives flower bouquet from Param. She smiles reading his message. She enters her office and shocks seeing Karan there. He asks her about the flower bouquet. Then he praises her eyes. She tells him that her client send this flower bouquet.

She asks him that what is he doing in her office. He tells her that he just came to see her. She tells him that she has an meeting with her client. He asks her to relax saying that he came to give her cheque to her. She informs him that Param gave her cheque already. He tells her that he want to thank her so tomorrow he will meet her in cafe and leaves from there. She thinks that Param and Karan are totally different from each other.

Seher reaches the cooking venue. She thinks that she is already feeling dizzy seeing the ingredients. Maasiji asks her to cook tasty food and tells her that she kept the dish list too. She informs her that the latter has 6 hours to cook. Everyone leaves from there except Seher. She thinks that how she is going to cook. She hears Rajveer’s voice. Maasiji goes to Rajveer’s room and sees him sleeping. Her husband asks her to stop doing all this. She tells him that she just came to see Rajveer that’s it.

Seher finds Rajveer under the table and asks him that what is he doing there. He taunts her for her stupid question. She tells him that this is not right because she need to cook by herself and she can’t take anyone’s help. He tells her that he can even break promise for her so it’s nothing in front of that. She follows his instructions. Maasiji comes there and shocks seeing Rajveer with Seher. She takes him from there.

Meanwhile Gill family gets worried for Seher. Badi B asks them to not worry because Rajveer will help Seher. Seher video calls Badi B and tells her everything. She asks her to help. Didiji sees Seher talking to Badi B and reminds her that the latter can’t take anyone’s help. Maasiji locks Rajveer in his room. Didiji takes Seher’s mobile with her. Rajveer calls Seher but no response from other side. He thinks that how Seher going to handle everything alone.

Episode ends.

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