Choti Sardarni 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Pratap attempts to kill Meher

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher and Sarabjit’s separate lives after leap, New Promo

Choti Sardarni 22nd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab informs Harleen and Sandhya about the dead body Police found. Harleen says she will also accompany him. But he refused her saying she need to handle the kids and leaves from there with Sandhya. Param asks where Sarab going now because he promised them take out for lunch. Harleen says he has some important work to do that’s why he left.Gulwant says something is fishy and decides to follow Sarab.

Sarab recalls Meher’s message and blames himself saying he should not have let her go alone. Sandhya asks him to calm down. He yells at her saying how can he stay calm. Police inspector tells IG that it’s hard to identify the body. Sarab reaches there and sees the dead body and says it’s not his Meher. Sandhya gets relieved hearing him and prays for Meher’s safety.

Pratap tells Meher that he already warned her but she didn’t listen and was about to kill her. Sushma tried to stop him but no use. He says when Sandhya married that guy that day itself his sister died and was about to throw huge stone at Meher but Police inspector stops him and snatches the stone from him. Meher gets relieved seeing Police and complaints about Pratap to him. Police inspector takes blessings from Sandhya’s father and slaps Meher. He says he was Sandhya’s fiance and he won’t let her die until he catch Sandhya. Pratap tells Rajan to search Sandhya as soon as possible. Rajan says he is leaving for Amritsar today and he will find her no matter what.

Sarab asks why bad things happening with him only and says he can’t live without Meher and asks her to return. Sandhya tells him to not cry and was about to tell about Meher but stops recalling Meher’s promise. IG tells Sarab that they will find Meher soon. Seher says she got this trophy because of Sandhya and Meher will be happy seeing this trophy.

Karan says Sandhya is not stranger for him anymore now she is his friend. They thinks to do something for Sandhya and decides to tell Ajay to make special lunch for Sandhya. Harleen prays for Meher’s safety. Param says he knows that Harleen hiding something from them. Seher asks where Sarab went. Harleen cries and thinks she can’t tell anything to them and stays silent.

Param asks about Meher. Sarab who came there says Meher is fine and says Harleen crying in happiness because Seher won the competition. Sandhya takes the kids with her. Harleen cries hugging Sarab. He says it was not Meher’s dead body. She gets relieved and thanks God. He decides to find Meher. Gulwant gets worried thinking about Meher. Sarab says he is missing Meher so much and asks her to come back soon.

Karan and Seher surprises Sandhya with food saying they loves her so much so they asked Ajay to prepare this. Sandhya says she is not hungry. Seher says her child must he hungry. Sarab says at least for her child she should eat and tells her to take her medicines after having food. Seher and Karan feeds Sandhya. Meher recalls Rajan’s words and gets worried. Sandhya shocks seeing Rajan in Gill mansion.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajan introduces himself to Sarab.

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