Choti Sardarni 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Rajveer tries to escape from jail

Choti Sardarni 22nd November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Didiji learns that PMO is not ready to release Zahir. She asks Bobby to call PMO saying that she need to talk. She thinks that she is doing all this for her Sonu. On the other hand, Seher wonders that what happened to Kulwant. Bilal tells her that she should not go towards the bathroom. Seher tells air hostess about to check bathroom. Air hostess opens the bathroom and gets shocked seeing Kulwant in unconscious state. Bilal moves towards the bathroom and Seher notices it. He scolds Air hostess for going to that bathroom.

Azar tell spokesperson that every moment is precious and now they just have 3 hours to fulfill his demands. Meanwhile, Param tells Karan that they should do something and they tries to enter the airport but could not. Bilal tells passengers that after 3 hours they can return to their home. He asks them that are they getting bored and tells them that he will arrange entertainment for them. He asks Seher to sing so she sings a song.

Didiji asks spokesperson to inform Azar that it won’t be easy to arrange 1000 crore in 3 hours and she is ready to give extra money from her personal account and she wants Terrorists to release 5 members. Terrorists receives Didiji’s letter. Azar reads the name list and finds Seher’s name there. Bilal asks him that what the latter going to do now. Azar tells him that Seher is precious for them so obviously they won’t leave her.

Jail staff helps Rajveer to escape from jail. Azar refuses to leave Seher because she is chief minister’s daughter in law. Spokesperson tells him that Indian government won’t release Zahir if he won’t leave Seher then. Azar tells him that he won’t leave anyone and asks him to get ready to receive the next gift. Bilal suggests to kill one of the kid. Seher warns him to not touch kids. Old man asks him fear God at least. Terrorists drags him from there.

Old lady asks Seher to save her husband. Seher tells her that nothing will happen to him. Azar shoots old man’s leg Everyone gets shocked hearing bullet sound. Seher runs to old man and gets relieved. Old man tells his wife that he is fine and they can go to their honeymoon. Seher moves to old lady and asks her that did she heard him. She realises that the latter died and cries. She recalls that how the latter blessed her and her baby.

Didiji talks to PM and thinks that she just cares about her Sonu. Bilal makes fun of old lady’s death. He plans to use her body in the future. Seher glares him. He asks her to not glare him. She asks him that how can he talk like this when that old lady is his mother’s age. He tells her that if she said this earlier then he himself would have killed that old lady because he hates his mother. She tells him that seems like he never saw mother in his life.

Episode ends.

Precap –  Seher and other passengers attacks Terrorists.