Choti Sardarni 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Kulwant learns about Bittu’s betrayal

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Meher and Sarabjit’s separate lives after leap, New Promo

Choti Sardarni 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kulwant informs Gill mansion’s staff to do the arrangements for prayer. Sandhya and Kids comes there. Kulwant asks them that what happened to them and why they seems sad. Seher says to her that Parlour uncle refused to give ice cream to them. Karan says to her that few people even throw stones at them and goes inside. Sandhya says to Kulwant that because of her Kids suffering now and she is alive because of Meher so to repay her she will bring smile on Kid’s face.

Doctor decides to shift Meher if she doesn’t regain her consciousness within a day then. Harleen asks Sarab to have food saying that he need strength to fight the battle. On the other hand, Bittu says to Ranna that because of him Jagga’s office facing 5 lakhs loss. Ranna pleads him to not reveal about it to Kulwant otherwise she will kill him. Ginni thinks to sell her jewels and Jeeto taunts her. Jeeto says to her that Ginni wanted separate TV for her but seems like she is going to sell the AC too now.

Seher says to Sarab that Meher would have asked him to not buy ice cream for her because that’s what Sandhya told her. Karan shows the toy Meher send for him. Karan and Seher plays with it. Harleen asks Sarab to have food.

Kulwant says to his sons that she knows that someone stole the stuff. Ranna says to her that it was not his mistake. Kulwant informs them that she caught the thief. Bittu asks her that who stole those stuff. Yuvi brings Bittu and Jeeto’s Police uniform. Kulwant scolds Bittu and Ranna and asks Ranna to return the office key and 5 lakhs. She gets disappoint with her sons and misses Meher a lot and asks God that why he snatched her daughter from her.

Sarab invites people for prayer but everyone refuse to attend. He informs about it to Harleen and wonders what he is going to tell his Kids. Kulwant teaches her sons about unity and tells them to work together and asks them to hug each other. They goes to handle Jagga’s transport business together. Harleen calls Kulwant and informs her that everyone refused to attend the prayer because of the fake allegations.

Kids learns that no one came for prayer and was about to get up but
Sandhya stops them and asks them to do prayer. Kids starts the prayer, while Meher regains her consciousness and learns that she is in Amritsar. Nurse and questions Meher about her. Meher doesn’t remember anything. Nurse gives water to her. Doctor asks Meher about her name. Meher struggles to answer. Doctor informs Nurse that Meher lost her memories.

Episode ends.

Precap – One person misunderstood Sandhya as Sarab’s wife. Hearing that Kulwant gets an idea. Doctor tries to steal Meher’s organ.

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