Choti Sardarni 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Sarab learns that Sandhya lied to him

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Choti Sarrdaarni Spoiler: Gills return India after 5 years, Meher fails to recognize Karan in Kashmir

Choti Sardarni 23rd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sandhya shocks seeing Rajan in Gill mansion, before he sees her she turns around and puts veil. She recalls how her father introduced her to Rajan and how he touched her inappropriately on their first meeting itself and said he is ready to marry her. Sarab comes there. Rajan introduces himself to Sarab saying IG send him. Sarab tells Sandhya to go inside saying kids must be waiting for her. Rajan asks him about Sandhya. Karan comes there and runs from there seeing Police. Rajan asks Sarab that when Meher left Amritsar and few more questions. Sandhya gets afraid and drops the lassi glass. Sarab tells Ajay to clean the floor and tells Seher to take Sandhya inside. Sandhya gets worried thinking about Rajan. Seher tells Param that Sandhya dropped lassi glass so she is tensed now.

Meher thinks Rajan reached Amritsar if he saw Sandhya then he will kill her and it’s dangerous for her family too and drops the things. Sushma goes to her and acts like she is beating her and asks what happened. Meher tells Sushma that Sandhya staying in her house only and Rajan went to Amritsar so they has to alert Sandhya. Sandhya locks all the windows and door. Karan says he thought just he is afraid of Police but seems like she is also afraid of them. Sarab tells Rajan that he will contact him if Meher didn’t contact him again then. Seher tells Sandhya to not cry otherwise her baby will cry too. Karan asks why she is afraid of Police. Sandhya says he is devil. Param says Rajan left and tells her to calm down. Karan and Seher hugs her.

Gulwant scolds her son’s for eating without caring about Meher. She says Sarab is not talking to her. Jeeto says they can go to Gill mansion and apologize to them. Gulwant mocks her for that idea. Ginni gives an idea which Gulwant likes it. Sandhya’s father says Meher is not saying anything. Pratap says today Meher will speak and he puts her hand in rats bag and asks her to tell about Sandhya. Sushma calls Gill mansion and Sarab picks the call and she disconnects the call without saying anything.

Gulwant comes to Gill mansion and says she came to apologize to Sarab and says now she knows that Meher is innocent. Harleen gets angry seeing her and scolds Security guards for letting her inside. Gulwant asks them to listen her once and says she knows that Meher is missing. Sarab says Meher is fine. Gulwant says for Meher’s safety she kept puja in her house and invites them. Sarab decides to go there.

Sushma calls again, Sarab and Sandhya picks the call at same time. Sarab learns that Sandhya’s mother called Sandhya. He goes to Sandhya and asks her to tell the truth. She cries without saying anything. He gets worried about Meher and his kids and cries.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher asks Sarab to give one week time.

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