Choti Sardarni 24th January 2022 Written Update: Param and Amrin’s date gets ruined

Choti Sardarni 24th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher tells Harleen that she never differentiated between her and Meher. She says that she knows that Harleen loves her so much. Robbie asks her that why she is saying all this now. Seher asks Harleen that why the latter tried to hurt Rajveer. Harleen tells her that the latter is like Khushi for her so why she will do something like that. Seher tells her that she is talking about chilly water. Rajveer tells Harleen that they were not in same page never but he respected her always. She gets worried thinking that he may reveal that she tried to kidnap Kulwant. He asks her that why she hates him this much. Seher says that Harleen hurted her by hurting Rajveer.

She tells her that she knows that Rajveer protected Karan whenever the latter went against Karan. Harleen apologizes to them and tells her that she could not accept Karan even though she tried. Seher tells her that she and her brothers are incomplete without each other. She pleads her to not try to break them. Harleen apologizes to her saying that she realised her mistake. Rajveer forgives Harleen.

Seher asks Harleen to remember that she and Rajveer are not two different people and they won’t get separated. They leaves from there. Robbie asks Harleen to calm down. She tells him that Seher became blind in love. She says that she apologized to Rajveer because she don’t want to lose Seher. She says that she has to get rid of Karan and she will fight for Param and Seher’s rights till end.

Next day, Karan teases Param by talking about date. Kulwant says that she likes Amrin. Harleen tells them that Devika will suit Param. She talks about Amrin’s status and background. So Seher asks her to not talk about that and says that Param should decide by himself. Param says that he should meet Amrin once. Meanwhile, Amrin’s parents asks Amrin to impress Param. She tells them that she will become the daughter in law of Gill family for sure because Param will choose her only.

On the other hand, Seher enters her room and she gets surprised seeing the decorations. Rajveer places a kiss on her forehead ( Baatein Ye Kabhi Na song plays in the background ). He tells her that because of her, he can see everything now and says that he loves her. She tells him that they are getting late for swayamvar. He tells her that it’s Param’s swayamvar so they can skip it. Jeeto takes Seher with her.

After some time, Rajveer goes to Seher. She asks him that what is he doing there. Harleen thinks that Param will marry Devika only. Amrin tells Param that she speaks a lot so won’t he have any problem with it. He tells her that he brought something for her. He is about to give gift to her. Gill family eavesdrop their conversation. Seher and Jeeto interrupts Param and Amrin’s date deliberately. Seher learns that Devika fainted. Everyone goes to resort. Devika informs them that someone locked her from outside. Seher wonders that what’s happening here.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Harleen blames Amrin for Devika’s condition. Amrin yells at Harleen.

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