Choti Sardarni 24th May 2021 Written Update: Dolly decides to separate Karan and Param

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Choti Sardarni 24th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher asks Karan about his eye injury. Everyone goes to Karan. Kulwant thinks it’s good that Ranna and Bittu left already to finish the job. Sarab also asks Karan about his eye injury. Harleen thinks if Karan reveals the truth then Sarab will scold her. Kulwant notices Harleen and Dolly’s expressions and suspects them.

Param reveals that while fighting he punched Karan and he even apologized to Karan for that. Sarab is about to scold Param but Meher interrupts saying that this is common between brothers and asks Kids to not do like this again. Seher asks Sarab that when will he make Meher wear chunri.

Shop owner sees the CCTV footage and learns that Kulwant is culprit. Meher waits for shop owner’s call. Dolly takes the mobile from Meher’s hand and puts it on the table. Kulwant notices shop owner’s call in Meher’s mobile.

Ranna and Bittu warns shop owner to not call if he wants to stay alive then. Jeeto and Ginni likes the chunri design and asks Harleen that where she bought it. Harleen reveals that Sarab stitched it and she makes Meher wear it. Kids clicks pictures with Sarab and Meher.

Bittu asks Ranna to copy the footage in pendrive saying that they can use that to blackmail Kulwant. Shop owner runs from there. They chases him. Jeeto learns that Bittu and Ranna are missing and informs about it to Ginni. Kulwant and Dolly gives gifts to each other. Dolly clicks their selfie. Meher tells her that Karan is not coming into the frame.

Karan decides to click selfie and takes Meher’s mobile and gives it to her saying that someone calling her. Shop owner informs Meher that he saw the CCTV footage but truck driver’s face is not visible. Bittu snatches the mobile from shop owner. Kulwant wonders what shop owner said to Meher. Dolly asks Dhillon to come to Desai mansion for engagement ceremony.

Meher feels something is fishy and decides to go to that shop but Sarab stops her and asks her that why she seems tensed. She decides to not tell the truth to him now. Jeeto and Ginni tells Sarab that now he can’t meet Meher. Later, Kids says to Meher that they will miss her. Gill family leaves for Gill mansion.

Meher tells Kulwant about shop owner’s call and takes her to the shop saying that something is fishy definitely. Meher shocks seeing the office’s condition. Kulwant curses the shop owner and asks her to focus on her engagement because if Sarab gets to know about all this then he will feel bad. Meher says to her that culprit knows that they are searching that person and takes one band from there.

Kulwant shocks seeing that. Meher tells her that Param gave this band to their family members and culprit is one of them. She tells her that tomorrow they can catch the culprit. Dolly learns that Param preparing sorry card for Karan. She tries to stop him but he refuses to listen her.

Harleen tells her that it won’t be easy to separate Karan and Param. Dolly thinks what she has to do to separate them. Meher tells Kulwant that this special band won’t be available in the market so they can catch the culprit for sure.

Episode ends.

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