Choti Sardarni 24th November 2021 Written Update: Rajveer reaches airport to rescue Seher

Choti Sardarni 24th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher and Kulwant catches one of the terrorist. Kulwant puts the knife near his neck. Seher points the gun at Terrorists and warns them to not move. On the other hand, Rajveer notices that Police searching him and he thinks that no one can stop him from reaching Seher. Seher asks Terrorists to surrender themselves if they want to live then because they don’t have any other choice now. Bilal tells her that there is a choice and he shoots his team member which shocks everyone. Everyone hears bullet sound. Spokesperson asks Police , Army and all the department to stay alert. Didiji asks him to call Azaar and know that what happened in the flight. Bilal tells Seher that nothing matters for them than their goal and they won’t even hesitate to die and before dying they will kill everyone.

Pilot informs Azar that Spokesperson wants to talk to the latter. Spokesperson asks Azar that how many people the latter killed. Azar tells him that some special person died and reminds him that they just has 2 hours to fulfill his demands. Didiji tells PM that without Zahir they can’t save anyone. Azar tells Kulwant that because of her his team member died so her death will be painful. Seher tries to go near Kulwant but she could not.

Spokesperson informs Azar that fuel will be refilled in the flight and Zahir will be released soon too. Azar informs the good news to his team members. One of the passenger asks them that when they will release him. Bilal tells him that they will leave everyone in Afghanistan only. Bilal ties Kulwant and she screams in pain.

Kittu asks Seher that will they die in the flight itself. Seher tells kids that they will go to Jammu for sure. Reema hopes that everything will be fine. Seher tells her that the latter will be with her husband soon. She tells herself that she don’t think that she will get a chance to meet Rajveer again. Reema praises her for her bravery.

Rajveer reaches an airport and sees Param and Karan and goes inside without anyone’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Jailer tells officers that Rajveer would have left for Delhi to save his wife so they should go to Delhi too. Reema screams because of labour pain. Seher tells Azar that Reema needs medical treatment and pleads him to release her at least. He refuses to release her. She asks Rohit to help her. Rohit tells her that Priya can help her. Bilal tells Seher that Reema is not the first woman to give birth to baby and asks her to sit silently. She tells him that he can’t be even compared with animals because even animal has emotions.

Seher, Priya and air hostess takes Reema inside. Priya informs them that delivery seems complicated. Seher goes to Azar and tells him that only Kulwant can help Reema now. He taunts her for demanding so much. She unties Kulwant and takes her inside.

Episode ends.

Precap – Passengers attacks Terrorists.