Choti Sardarni 25th May 2021 Written Update: Kulwant tricks Meher to enter Gill mansion

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Choti Sardarni 25th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sarab puts eye drops on Karan’s eyes. Karan says to him that everything is visible now and he can even see Meher. Sarab tells him that he can see Meher tomorrow at engagement ceremony only. Seher also sees Meher and asks Sarab to close his eyes saying that maybe he can also see Meher when he opens his eyes. Sarab shocks seeing Meher and tries to hug her in excitement but she stops him saying that before marriage she can’t hug him.

He teasingly says to her that she won’t hug him but came to meet him desperately because she can’t wait till tomorrow. She tells him that she came to meet her Kids and going to sleep with them in their room. She criticise his face and tells him that he knows to take care of Kids really well. He smiles then realises that what she said.

Kulwant beats Ranna and Bittu for their stupidity. They tells her that they did their job then why she is beating them. She reveals that one of them left the band in that shop itself and Meher found that. Bittu doesn’t have band in his hand. Kulwant tells him that she is going to tell Meher that Bittu is behind Sarab’s accident. Bittu says to her he has witness to prove that he is innocent and that is Ranna.

Kulwant tells Ranna that she will transfer all of the properties on his name to give statement against Bittu. Bittu shocks hearing her. Kulwant gives her band to Bittu and leaves from there. Ranna shows the pendrive to Bittu saying that until it’s with them Kulwant can’t do anything with them. Bittu wonders what Kulwant will wear tomorrow because she gave her band to him.

Other side, Meher asks Param that can they make duplicate band. He tells her that that’s not possible.

Next day, Meher learns that Sarab did facial and teases him. He lies to her saying that he did nothing like that and he is glowing naturally. She tells him that she never saw his natural glow. He tells her that her eyesight become weak and they laughs together. He makes her stand in front of the mirror and back hugs her saying that he really missed her and she completes him. He makes her wear his mother’s neckpiece.

Kulwant helps Yuvi to get ready. He asks her that she seems tensed. She tells him that she is not feeling well that’s it. Param calls Yuvi and asks him to send yesterday ceremony’s pictures to him. Yuvi takes pendrive and tells Param that network is really poor so he will transfer the pictures to pendrive.

Harleen scolds Meher for checking the bands of guests saying that it’s not looking good when they have many servants to do that. Meher thinks she will catch the culprit today for sure. Dhillon family comes there. Kulwant stands there. Param gives the pendrive to Meher saying that this has yesterday pictures.

Meher checks everyone’s band only Kulwant left to check. Sarab greets Kulwant. Meher asks Kulwant about her band. Kulwant shows her band. Meher gets relieved and hugs her. Kulwant recalls how she took Yuvi’s band.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher checks the pendrive.

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