Choti Sardarni 25th October 2019 Written Update: The thief is caught

Today’s episode starts with Sarab and crew watching the Manager room footage where the manager calls peon and tells him to call Meher Kaur Dillon inside. Param asks Sarab if Meher Mumma is going to rob today as well. Sarab asks his assistant whether all this is recording. He replies yes. Sarab says we need to find out the truth watch closely. Peon then searches for Meher outside and finds her coming from the washroom. He informs her Manager is calling and she goes inside the manager room. A manager gives her a withdrawal cheque and ask her to sign. She signs and thanks Manager and tells him to take his share. The manager uploads it on the computer. Sarab and crew watch in shock as he approves the payment and puts a seal. Sarab and the team immediately run towards the manager’s room.

The manager puts all the money inside the handbag and hands it over saying ‘Meher Kaur Dillon Zindabad’ . He is shocked to see Sarab coming and Meher to turns around shocked. Sarab tells her your place is neither here or at my home, your real place in jail. Meher turns around looking troubled. Then it is revealed that Meher is actually holding the hand of an imposter who was dressed up like Meher. She smiles at the imposter and Sarab says Game over Gurpreet as the lady struggles to remove her hand. Param says this is our maid Gurpreet aunty who works at our house and super Meher Mumma has caught her. Meher smiles and gives a high fi to Param. The manager gets nervous seeing the bank authorities and tries to explain. Meher says the story is long and they should listen to it. Sarab says of course but while drinking coffee. He smiles and says to the bank in charge whether they have black coffee. He nods.

At Jeeto’s house, dadi cuts the cake and feeds Bittu first. Jeeto says now he has become your favorite. Dadi says he got her a big LD TV and couch ofcourse he is my favorite. Amrita teases him saying this was the reason he left so early in the morning. BIttu laughingly says yes I withdrew cash first and then went to the mall to buy the gifts for my dear dadi. Yuvi asks how old is Dadi. Dadi replies I don’t know about that but I was 16 or 17 years when batwara happened. Yuvi asks Amrita what is Batwara and Rana jokes and says it happens when relations fight for property and divide everything. They all laugh while Amrita looks upset. Bittu says that is why there is a big wall in between the house. And ask Jeeto if her Chacha lives there. She replies its her that. Yuvi innocently asks when Batwara will happen in our house. Rana laughs and says it will happen when everyone’s wife comes. They all laugh. Amrita stares at Rana and he goes quiet. Kulwant calls Amrita and asks her to come home quickly.

Sarab explains to others that second blank cheque was a trap to find out where the first blank cheque went. He says this story started 6 days ago when Meher went to the bank to collect her father’s FD maturity amount. He says that he was the one who gave the blank cheque to Meher and I was the only one to know Meher signs her blank cheques. Apparently there was a third person who knew about this. The flashback shows Maid looking at the cheque while Sarab observes from afar. Then my maid and Manager teamed up and made a brilliant plan to rob crores. He narrates everything from wondering how come Meher took money without telling him and going to the bank to verify the same. He confesses that he misunderstood Meher and suspected her. Meher says yes suspicion in any relationship breaks it. She said Sarabji thought I stole the money and started sharing with my Brothers. The flashback shows Meher giving money to Jagga and says that it’s his share from their father’s FD maturity money.

She says thanks to IT investigation they understood something is wrong. A flashback shows Meher calling Sarab and says her 2 blank cheques from her checkbook are missing and the bankers say she withdrew 25 crores but she dints. Sarab asks her to meet him in the office. And together they plan to catch the culprit. They decide to stage a fight in front of everyone at the home as per Meher’s idea. Meher also includes Param in their plan so as not to hurt him. They train Param to say the dialog Meher is a chor. They explain how as per Meher’s idea Sarab gave one more blank cheque as a trap as they knew it will be recorded on CCTV. And that night Maid wore Meher’s clothes and stole that cheque.

Kulwant and the family sit in the living room while Kulwant writes the value of all their properties. They count all their money and Kulwant says they are still short of 70 lakhs to complete 25 crores. Amrita comes and gives her jewelry and says these will be at least 80 to 90 lakhs please use them but save Meher’s marriage at any cost. Kulwant blesses her. Kulwant says she has to give 25 crores to Sarab today and protect Meher. Jagga says their papers would be ready in Bank by now.

The bank authority asks what do they do now. Episode ends.

Precap: Meher calls Jagga and says she is returning home with Sarab and the real culprit is caught. They all rejoice.