Choti Sardarni 26th February 2021 Written Update: Harleen gets to know Seher is Sarab’s daughter

Choti Sardarni 26th February 2021 Written Update on

Param gets happy seeing Seher’s condition. Kaul asks Meher why is she not meeting Sarab? Meher says this is not possible for her. She leaves. Sarab introduces Seher to Param and Samara.

Meher leaves from there sadly. Sarab feels Meher’s presence and he tries to find her in hospital but Meher gets into a bus and recalls all the memories related to Sarab. She gets emotional. Sarab goes to find her. He shows Meher’s picture to people. Kulwant notices Sarab is looking for Meher. Kulwant says that to meet Meher we have to follow Sarab. Police stop the bus and checks if Meher is there or not. Meher hides her face. One little girl’s ball falls down and Sarab gives it to Meher through window unknowingly.

Samara informs Harleen that Sarab met his daughter Seher. Harleen gets shocked. She says this can’t be possible. Samara says Sarab is finding Meher as well.

Kulwant follows Sarab. Meher reaches gurudwara and prays to god that now all are in his hands. She goes to serve drinks and knocks at Kulwant’s car window. Kulwant doesn’t look at her. She sees here and there. Sarab too arrives and prays to God for Meher. He says please get me my Meher. One girl cries for her mother and Meher consoles her saying her mother will come soon. She remembers Seher. Suddenly that girl’s mother comes and accuses Meher saying she kidnaps children. Meher says its a misunderstanding. She is not a kidnapper. But all of them misbehave with her and asks then what’s her real identity? Sarab says I’ll tell who is she. I know her. Meher gets shocked hearing his voice. She looks at Sarab. Sarab says yes she is a kidnapper. She kidnapped my daughter as well five years ago.

Precap- Meher says she missed Sarabjit a lot. She starts coughing and Sarab comes to take lassi for her but meets with an accident. Meher shouts.

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