Choti Sardarni 26th May 2021 Written Update: Dolly provokes Karan against Param

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Choti Sardarni 26th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kulwant asks Meher about culprit. Meher says to her that she checked everyone’s band but could not find the culprit. Kulwant goes inside the home. Meher notices the pendrive and opens the files to see but suddenly she remembers about RTO and asks Kulwant to call RTO. Param scolds Karan for spoiling his shoes. Karan says to him that it happened by mistake. Param says to him that the latter did deliberately.

Dolly asks them that why they are fighting and if they said then she will solve the problem. Karan says to her that she will take Param’s side only because she loves him. She scolds Param so Param leaves from there and Seher follows him. Dolly says to Karan that if Param scold him again then he has to say to Param that Meher is his second mother. Karan gets confused hearing her.

Harleen asks Dolly that why she is taking Karan’s side. Dolly asks her to wait and watch the drama. Kulwant calls RTO and puts the mobile on speaker. Officer tells her that that’s some motorcycle’s number. Meher tells him that she clearly saw that was truck. He tells her that driver would have used wrong number. Param takes the pendrive from laptop. Ginni and Jeeto takes Meher inside the home. Sarab praises Meher. Meher looks at everyone suspiciously.

One of the guest asks Sarab that she is not understanding that why he is marrying Meher again. He tells her that by staying with Meher he is falling for her more and more and confesses that marrying her is beautiful mistake. Meher tells him that she can repeat the mistake 1000 times. He asks her that why she seems tensed. She lies to him saying that it’s her engagement that’s why. Seher comes there with engagement rings which is inside balloon and asks them to get it.

Sarab gets the ring first and makes Meher wear it and hugs her. Dolly says to Meher that now it’s her turn. Meher recalls what all happened in recent days and gets nervous so Sarab helps her to get the ring. Then she makes him wear it.Dolly asks them to play music and competition begins between groom side and bride side. Everyone starts dancing.

Kulwant sees Sarab and recalls the accident and gets relieved thinking that nothing happened to Sarab that day. Meher says to Kulwant that someone entered the home without showing band so she has to find that who is that person. Kulwant asks her to focus on the engagement because Sarab already started suspecting her.

While dancing Meher checks everyone’s hand so Kulwant pushes Param’s laptop deliberately to divert Meher. Kulwant puts the blame on Karan. Param scolds Karan. Meher asks Karan to apologize to Param. Param says he don’t want Karan’s apology and asks Meher to not talk to Karan. Karan says to Param that Meher will talk to him because she is his first mother and Param’s second mother . Meher loses her control hearing him and asks him that from where he learnt all this. Dolly asks Karan to make sorry card for Param.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher learns that the truck belongs to Kulwant’s company.

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