Choti Sardarni 27th July 2021 Written Update: Rajveer finds Seher’s chain

Choti Sardarni 27th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher reaches the temple. One small boy moves towards the danger and Rajveer saves him. Seher drops her chain by mistake and it reaches Rajveer. Seher prays to God to reduce her stress. Rajveer also comes there and prays to God. Then they prays to God about their future life partner and receives ‘prasad’. Rajveer sees Seher’s back side and follows her ( Sajdaa song plays in the background ) but he collides with some guy and that guy turns out to be his friend. Rajveer’s friend asks Rajveer that the latter found his special person or not then he notices Seher’s chain and asks him about it. Rajveer tells him that it somehow reached him. Rajveer’s friend hopes that, that chain belongs to some girl.

Seher’s friend tries to ask extra fees from client and Seher stops him from doing that and scolds him. And she tells him that she want to reach India soon after finishing her classes. Other side, Karan tells Badi B that she should not have called Seher. Param tells Badi B that she did the right thing by calling Seher. Tricky keeps telling no fight. Badi B scolds Karan and Param for fighting again.

Rajveer and his friend reaches Seher’s dance studio. Rajveer gets mesmerized seeing Seher and smiles at her and Seher’s dance performance begins. Rajveer’s friend notices Rajveer’s expression. Seher also notices Rajveer while dancing and asks him to dance. Rajveer learns that her name is Seher and dances with her and thinks that she is the one for him. Rajveer’s friend clicks their picture and sends it to some lady. That lady sees the pictures and asks Rajveer’s friend about that girl and tells him to collect all the information about that girl. He tells her that sometimes he feels bad thinking that he is deceiving his friend. She tells him that she wants to protect her brother from evil eyes that’s it.

Seher notices her chain in Rajveer’s hand and asks him that when did he stole her chain. He tells her that he didn’t steal it but he found it in temple. She apologizes to him for accusing him and he returns the chain to her. Later, Rajveer’s friend teases Rajveer. Rajveer tells him that he found his girl finally.

Other side, Seher tells her friend that she need to leave now and asks him to finish the classes. Seher video calls Karan, Param and tells them that how her day went. Karan and Param informs her that how their day went and starts arguing with each other. Seher asks them to not fight if they really loves her then and tells them to do everything together. Param asks her about her chain. She shows her hand and starts telling about Rajveer.

Rajveer sees Seher’s dance video and Rajveer’s friend teases him. Rajveer’s sister calls Rajveer and asks him about Minty’s marriage preparations. He tells her that he forgot his stuff in India. She decides to cancel the meeting and asks Driver to return to house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Seher learns that Minty is not happy with her marriage and asks Rajveer to help her.

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