Choti Sardarni 28th May 2021 Written Update: Sarab asks Meher to continue the investigation after marriage

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Choti Sardarni 28th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher informs Meher that Karan refused to dance. Meher asks her that what happened. Karan takes the mobile from Seher and tells Meher that Dolly made him stand in the second row so Param can stand in the first row even though he danced really well. Meher convinces him and asks him to enjoy the performance. He asks her to come to house soon. Kulwant tells her sons that she knows where Meher going now.

Sarab asks Mr. Mittal that why they came to Police station. Mr. Mittal informs him that they need to complete one small work and they goes inside. Meher gives truck driver details to Police inspector and tells him about the accident. Police inspector tells her that the driver worked in few other companies too and he drinks a lot so there is lot of hit and run cases on him and he died recently. She shocks seeing Sarab. Sarab recalls how he advised her to not continue the investigation and introduces Mr. Mittal to Police inspector then leaves from there.

Meher follows him and asks him to listen her. He tells her that she didn’t listen her and then why he should listen her and he is not understanding that why she is not able to move on and asks her to continue her investigation and cancels the marriage then leaves from there. Meher calls him, while taking the mobile he drops the pendrive in the car. One bike is about to hit Meher and Sarab loses his control and lashes out at that bike guy.

She tells him that she is fine. He asks her that what if something happened to her. She tells him that this is what she is also trying to explain him and today she is not hurt but that day she would have lost him and this is why it’s really important for her to know the culprit. He apologize to her for behaving rudely with her and reminds her that, that truck driver is not alive now and asks her to focus on marriage now because their Kids are excited for it and after marriage she can do whatever she wants to do.

Kulwant learns that Meher went to Police station but didn’t get any evidence against her. Bittu and Ranna discuss about pendrive and decides to get it. Param says to Dolly that he liked the new shoes. Karan asks her that he also wants designer shoes like Param. Dolly tells him that Param is special that’s why he got special one. Karan throws the shoes saying that he won’t attend the marriage.

Sarab asks Harleen that why she didn’t order same shoes for both Karan and Param. He announces that all of his Kids are same for him. Param says he is sarbala so he need to look unique. Karan says he want to become sarbala too. Meher tells them that both Param and Karan can become sarbala. She thanks Seher for informing her about Karan and Param’s fight. She gives badgets to Param and Karan.

Kulwant learns that Sarab asked Meher to continue the investigation after marriage. Bittu and Ranna asks Param about pendrive and they learns that Seher has Yuvi’s pendrive. Meher asks truck driver’s address to Bittu and Ranna. Kulwant tells her that she will give his address details and speaks loudly so Sarab can hear her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sarab and Meher decides to find the culprit.

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