Choti Sardarni 29th May 2021 Written Update: Sarab questions Kulwant about truck

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Choti Sardarni 29th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kulwant tells Meher loudly that she will get truck driver’s details from company register so Sarab can hear her. Sarab moves towards Meher. Kulwant thinks now Sarab will scold Meher and she will stop the investigation. Sarab tells Meher that he can understand her and asks her to clear all of her doubts otherwise she won’t be able to enjoy the marriage functions and asks Kulwant to give truck driver’s address because he is going to accompany Meher.

Later, Karan and Param argues with each other while dividing sarbala’s responsibilities. Seher asks them to not fight and reminds them about Meher’s warning. They apologize to her.

Ranna asks Bittu about Kulwant and informs him that Meher keep calling for truck driver’s address. He gives the mobile to Kulwant. Kulwant tells truck driver’s address to Meher. Meher and Sarab reaches there. Kulwant asks Ranna to transfer money on Harpreet’s account and tells him to focus on marriage preparations. Meher gets upset seeing the locked door and Sarab tries to cheer her.

Dolly shows her Miss. Amritsar trophy to Harleen saying that she is going to give it to the sarbala. Param hears her. Dolly thinks now the trophy will do the work which she wanted to do.

Sarab asks Meher to move on now. Meher learns about the death date of truck driver and sees his wife Harpreet. She realises that truck driver died before Sarab’s accident. Harpreet recalls Kulwant’s words and tells another death date to Meher and leaves from there. Sarab tells Meher that something is fishy definitely. She tells him that she is not understanding that why Harpreet lying to them and what happened with him doesn’t looks like a accident.

Harpreet calls Kulwant and informs her about Meher. Meher tells Sarab that now she needs his support. He tells her that they will find the culprit together.

Karan breaks Dolly’s trophy into 2 pieces and tells Param that he solved the problem now so they need not to fight with each other for trophy. Param tells him that the latter did wrong because it’s special trophy for Dolly. Seher tells Karan that everyone going to scold him now. Karan tries to hide the trophy hearing Dolly’s voice but she sees the trophy and is about to slap Karan. Param takes the blame on himself saying that it broke because of him and apologize to her. Dolly feels bad and leaves from there. Karan thanks Param for saving him and hugs him. Seher tells them that they are looking good together like this.

Ranna and Bittu brings actor to Kulwant. She tells that guy to act well. That guy apologize to Kulwant. She tells him to not repeat the mistake and he leaves from there. She scolds Ranna and Bittu and asks them that how they are managing the business. Meher and Sarab overhears their conversation. Meher asks Kulwant that why Harpreet came to their house.

Kulwant creates drama and asks her that how can she suspect her. She takes her near Jagga’s picture and tells her that she gave money to Harpreet because her husband died while working for them and this is what Jagga would have done it if he was alive then. Sarab tells Kulwant that someone trying to put the blame on truck driver and asks her about the truck. She recalls how she destroyed the truck.

Episode ends.

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