Choti Sardarni 29th October 2019 Written Update: Meher’s first Diwali with Sarabjeet and Param

Today’s episode starts with Sarabjeet telling to Harleen that real culprit is caught. He was about to take Rovi’s name but Meher interrupts and takes Gurpreet’s name. Sarab shows angry eye to Meher and Rovi. Harleen apologizes to Meher for doubting her. Afterwards, Rovi goes to Meher and ask her to forgive him. Meher says she doesn’t want to ruin family’s name thus she didn’t took his name.

Kulwant calls Sarab and tells him that Rovi came to her house and hid the camera. Sarabjeet gets angry Rovi and apologizes to Kulwant on behalf of Rovi. Kulwant asked Sarab to give call to Meher and Meher refuses to talk with her. Later, Meher and Sarabjeet perform a dance to console Param who gets angry when the duo didn’t give credit to him for catching the thief.

Afterwards, Jito’s family tells to Bittu about Kulwant’s deal. Bittu assures Jito’s parent and says Kulwant will make him to marry Jito because he knows a secret of Kulwant.

Other side, Meher explains Param the significance of Diwali. She further goes to play with Param at the garden. While, duo was playing someone enters the house. Param mistakenly pours water on them and lady scolds Meher thinking she is care taker and not taking care of Param well.

Neerja asks Sarabjeet to fire Meher from the job, as she is not doing her duty properly. Harleen tells that she is Param’s mother.  (Episode Ends)

Precap: Meher ask Param to have pizza. Neerja says to Sarabjeet that Meher is feeding Pizza in the breakfast. Meher tries to interrupts and Neerja yells at Meher and ask her not to address her aunty. Meher stands shocked.