Choti Sardarni 2nd August 2021 Written Update : Seher lashes out at Rajveer

Choti Sardarni 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher asks Rajveer that if he is fine. He tells her that he is fine. She loses her temper and asks him that why the latter hide the fact the he has acrophobia and he is afraid of heights and what she would have done if something happens to him then. He tells her that he can even die for their friendship. She cries hearing him and asks him that how can he talk about death this easily and he even know anything about death but she knows because she saw her parents dying in front of her. He apologizes to her. She tells him that if anything happened to him then she would not have forgive herself and tells him that she won’t meet him again and asks him to not try to meet her and leaves from there.

Nikhil comes there asks Rajveer that if the latter is fine. Rajveer tells him that Seher leaving and he can’t live without her. Nikhil asks him to come to his sense and there is no guarantee that she also loves him but he put his life in danger for her without thinking about his sister.

Seher reaches her house and finds gift in front of the house and thinks that she knows that who send it for her and learns that, that person coming to meet her and she starts dancing and eats icecream. Seher’s friend comes there and asks her about Rajveer. She tells him everything and shocks seeing Rajveer getting drenched in the rain with sorry card and thinks that he is crazy.

Rajveer’s sister calls Nikhil and asks him about Rajveer and the latter lies to her. She tells him that Seher belongs to good family but she need to know more about her family. Punjab’s finance minister congratulates Param for receiving Punjab’s business man of the year award. Param introduces him to Yuvi. Karan learns that his deal got cancelled because of Param. Yuvi provokes him against Param and tells him to do something. Karan calls Tricky and tells him to do something.

Rajveer smiles recalling that how Seher saved him. Seher gives hot drink to him. He apologizes to her saying that he didn’t wanted to lose a friend like her. She asks him to meet her tomorrow at temple. He asks her that did she forgive him. She nods at him and asks him to not put his life in danger for other’s happiness again. Nikhil calls Rajveer and informs him that the latter’s sister want to talk to him. Seher’s friend tells Seher that Rajveer fell for her and she asks him to stop talking nonsense.

Tricky snatches the mobile from the health minister and removes his wig too. Param shocks seeing that and learns that Karan is behind this and pushes Tricky. Karan records everything and threatens to send the clip to Seher. They fights with each other and finance minister badmouths about Seher’s family to Rajveer’s sister. Rajveer tells Nikhil that he is going to confess his feelings to Seher. Nikhil tells about it to Rajveer’s sister. She decides to visit Gill mansion to talk about Seher and Rajveer’s marriage.

Episode ends.

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