Choti Sardarni 2nd January 2021 Written Update: Sarab refuses to believe Meher

Choti Sardarni 2nd January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meher gives necklace the to Amrita going against Gulwant. Param says necklace looking pretty on Amrita. Amrita puts her hand on hot bowl so her husband gets worried for her. Meher recalls Arti’s words and thinks she has to inform about her to Sarab as soon as possible.

Sarab calls Meher and says he is free now and asks about which matter she wanted to talk to him. She says that’s important matter so she will come to his office to talk to him and disconnects the call. Meher tells her brother to drop Param, Karan to their house after some time and was about to leave. Gulwant tells her to go after having food. Meher tastes everything and praises the taste and leaves from there.

Meher reaches Sarab’s office. Sarab gives new mobile to her saying he was preparing for this surprise gift only and asks why she seems tensed. She recalls Arti’s words and asks his opinion about husband beating his wife. Sarab says that’s wrong. Meher tells him about Arti and says he doesn’t know about that woman but he knows her husband. He asks about whom she is talking. She takes Tarkash’s name and says his wife Arti complaint to her about him and tells everything. She says Arti needs their help and asks him to give complaint against Tarkash to Police.

He gets angry and refuses to believe her saying he knows Tarkash since years and he is not that kind of person. She tells him to understand the seriousness of the issue. She says he used to beat his wife only but now he is beating his daughter too. Arti tells her daughter stop her dance practice saying Tarkash may come anytime.

Arti and her daughter gets afraid seeing Tarkash. Meher asks why Arti will accuse Tarkash unnecessarily. Sarab says Tarkash and Arti had love marriage and says it’s impossible that he will behave like that with her. She asks him to confront Tarkash. He asks how can he insult him without any proof. She says he is not understanding the issue so she will bring proof to him. He stops her but she leaves from there angrily. Tarkash beats Arti. Their daughter tells him to not beat Arti.

Ginni says she too has rights on that necklace. Gulwant mocks her then taunts Amrita too saying she thought she will return the necklace. Amrita gives that necklace to Gulwant. Gulwant calls her as theif and Yuvi overhears their conversation. Tarkash warns Arti and his daughter saying everyone should follow his orders in this house. Meher reaches there and knocks the door.

Tarkash gets surprised seeing Meher in his house. She says she came here to invite him and his family for new year party. She notices blood on his hand and asks about it. He lies to her. She asks him to bring water for her and gives chocolate to Tarkash’s daughter and asks her about Arti. She moves towards the way Tarkash’s daughter signalled. Sarab calls Meher and defends Tarkash. She informs him that she is in Tarkash’s house. He gets angry and scolds her for interfering in someone else’s family issue.

Episode ends.

Precap – Meher slaps Tarkash.

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