Choti Sardarni 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Zorawar apologizes to Kulwant for insulting her

Choti Sardarni 2nd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Scarlet tells Kiara that everything is perfect. Kulwant’s family reaches Gill mansion. Kulwant greets Dolly. Dolly asks her that why the latter didn’t come in horse today. Kulwant hugs her tightly. Mannat separates Kulwant from Dolly. Kulwant tells Dolly that she brought gift with her. She signals at Ranna. He gives the gift to Dolly. Dolly gets shocked seeing the gift. Kulwant tells her to use the pot to fill water. Dolly gives the gift to Servant and asks her to use it as dustbin. Kulwant gets angry. Everyone moves towards the hall. Bittu glares Zorawar and moves from there. Dolly murmurs to Scarlet that Kulwant glaring like she came for gang war. Kulwant asks her that what the latter murmuring to Scarlet. Dolly tells her that she is not afraid of anyone so she need not to murmur too.

Mannat and Zorawar message to each other. He tells her that he will make sure that everything becomes fine at the end of the party. He apologizes to Kulwant for insulting her. He praises her horse riding. Mannat apologizes to Dolly. Kulwant tells Zorawar that she can forgive him but it’s hard to forgot that what he did with her. Dolly hears that and taunts Kulwant. She asks Servants to serve cool drinks to guests. Bittu and Ranna discuss about Dolly’s behaviour.

Kulwant tells Mannat that this Gill mansion is Meher’s home. He asks her to go and see the home. Mannat moves from there and Zorawar follows her and stops her. He asks her that if self respect is answer for her riddle. She tells him that his answer is wrong. He asks her to tell the answer so he can solve their family’s problem. Kiara thanks Karan for handling their family when they were fighting.

Mannat talks about Scarlet to Zorawar. She reveals that she only gave bittergourd to Scarlet in the past. He laughs hearing her. Kiara gets surprised seeing that. She wonders that why Mannat and Zorawar behaving like love birds. She tells servant to keep the frame in her art room.

Bittu sees Mannat with Zorawar and calls her for water. Ranna asks him that why he disturbed Mannat when water is in front of him only. Zorawar serves pakoda. Karan praises the taste. Scarlet tells Dolly that Kulwant using Mannat to trap Zorawar. Dolly tells her that if that turns out to be true then she won’t leave Mannat and Kulwant. Bittu sits in between Mannat and Zorawar to separate them.

Mannat says that party should not be boring like this. Kiara agrees with her and suggests to dance. Mannat goes to washroom and Zorawar wonders that how she knows that where is washroom. He recalls that how she knows about his sleep walking too. After some time, Zorawar gets afraid seeing lizard. Mannat gets surprised seeing that. She teases him. They falls on the bed when he moved seeing lizard. They shares an eye lock. Meanwhile, Dolly and Kulwant glares each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dolly tells Kulwant that Mannat is an illegitimate child. Mannat and Zorawar argues with each other.

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